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Sex Question

Dude i have a similar problem. Generally I find that you must start slow and as she gets excited she’ll be able to take it. But right off the bat–no way. My old gf used to to say “SLOW!!” as soon as we would begin. BTW, I think guys lie about there size, don’t know how to measure it, or maybe the add their favorite number to the total. I’m around the same measurement, and girls always make a remark about my size. One girl who I was with (who really had been “around the block” ~50 guys probably) also made a similar remark. I figure she’d know best since she had seen so many of them.

Big Tyke es un nazi del ku klux klan. Su nombre verdadero es Big Dyke.

juanito “Big Tyke is a nazi of the ku klux klan. Its true name is Big Dyke”

very clever

I did a recent measurement and I am more like 6.75". I guess it grew since my last measurement. Funny, I thought I was past that age (I am in my mid-20s) John, I agree. I think a lot of men lie about their dick size. I never thought mine was of any special size but have had quite a few comments about it. My response was always “really?”

For all of us that hate foreign languages in this forum I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that there is a little piece of paper called the US constitution which guarantees freedom of speech, which inlcludes the right to speak in foreign tongues. The good news is that you can always respond to a foreign tongue “I don’t know what the fuck you are saying, so just in case, go fuck yourself.”

Ist Deutsch eine willkommene Sprache, oder nur spanisch?

N?o ? nossa culpa que voc?s sejam t?o ignorantes…

Actually, I have this problem with some girls too. Mine is 7" but it’s also thick. Smaller girls do seem to have more trouble handling it, problem is, I like small girls. What can you do?

“I don’t know what the fuck you are saying, so just in case, go fuck yourself.”

Got any plans for the wkend? That was a very deep explanation. LOL, stay yourself.

Du darfts immer, Deutsch zu sprechen. Aber es gibt wenige Leute, die Deutsch verstehen koennen.

Oh, yeah. I too find it amusing when people get defensive when people speak in languages other than there own. Strikes me as paranoid. There is more out there than just English, you know.

kill the thread about language, I regret bringing it up. My point was of a personal nature not geo-political. This is a public forum (right) and I think it is wrong to try and privatize it by speaking in a language only a few can understand.

Just one more idea on the “deepness” problem: It seems to vary with the estrous cycle. I think the cervix descends as the month progresses. My wife has the same problem with me “banging her cervix” towards the end of her cycle (it can be uncomfortable for both of us if I “bottom out” a little too hard). But I can go as deep as I want at the beginning of the cycle. So pay attention to where she’s at in her cycle, you may be able to go deeper in the first week after her “period”.

I think TallBaldGuy has a good point, as I have found the same thing… as for the guys that think they’re hung just because some women say you are… got news for ya! They just know that that is how most guys “measure up” and they know how to stroke our ego.
As long as you’re average, be happy and continue to learn how to use it… if you don’t now, learn how to be multi-orgasmic… this size thing is just an insecurity.

Excellent point about size. While it matters to a degree, it is not by any means the “be-all-end-all” that soo many men make it out to be. A guy being able to work a less than stellar tool is a much preferable to a guy being hung like a horse and not knowing what the hell to do with it. And the multi-orgasmic thing ROCKS! So few men can do it. Perhaps you can share your experiences/techniques for achieving this?

Sorry to interrupt. I found your string using WebFerret. I would like to learn about being multi. I’ve heard of this, but don’t know much about it. But how do I get to your primary strings! I can’t seem to find out how. What web site do you guys use? Any information would be greatly appreciated, and not just by me;P Thanks!

I couldn?t resist this…
How many people in the world has English as there native laungage ? How many speak Spanish ? How many speak some other laungage ?

Ha en bra dag ! (Have a nice day !)

What is your point.

there vs their

Because this is an open forum we should speak english ?
That was my point…

In reality I think that it?s easier if everbody speaks the same language on a board like this but it?s up to T-mag to set the ruels because they own this place and if ruels against it doesn?t exist then it ok I guess.

Actually I think your point was that since more people worldwide speak Spanish then this forum should use Spanish. Doesn’t seem very well thought out to me. I recommend going with the language of the original post, that way everyone who can understand the question can understand the responses. However, if you see some advantage to using a different language then you should. Try Japanese, if you don’t speak it there are facilities available to help you learn. Second languages are good for you.