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Sex Question

OK. I have an issue. I am a white male with a slighlty above average penis in terms of length (haven’t measured in a while but between 6" - 6.5"). It is however, been called “fat”. But the “fatness” is not the problem. I get complaints from women when we are in the “deeper” positions (her knees up by her ears, doggy style, etc.). They have said it feels like I am “banging the cervix”, or “pushing on the uterus”. What is up with that? I am not that long. I like these positions, but can’t do them that often now because my gf is on of the women who have complained about this. Is this a normal complaint with these type of “deeper” positions? I have never heard anyone else mention this before. Is there anything that an make it more tolerbale or that they can do to make it so they can handle it? Does vaginal depth vary per person as penis length does? Help me I wanna go deeper!!

Quick solution, get out the guillotine. I would think that it depends on person to person. I would think (from a mix of experience and guessing) that the taller the women, the more depth.The shorter, the less. Orcourse it would have to differ from person to person, just like things like hand size, feet size, ear size, blah blah blah. Just obvious thinking. Hope that gets the ball rolling.

Yes. Women’s anatomy differs just as men’s does.

Lay off the deep positions. Even a guy with a 5" penis can still hit a woman deep causing her pain. If you are thicker than average (more girth), you may cause her pain because you stretch her out more. Either try different positions or don’t go as deep in those positions. And you can always use some KY Jelly or other lube to help “ease” into her and cause less pain.

Good Lord, I can’t imagine complaining about someone going too deep! But then, that’s one of the things I really dig; I actually enjoy my cervix getting abused. Positions like doggy and the knees-by-the-ears don’t usually give me the depth/angle I like - gotta go with woman on top for that. But enough about me… :wink:

Vaginal depth does vary among women but there is a “average” depth, and it just so happens to coincide with the “average” male length (imagine that). And, like your dick growing to it’s full, glorious splendor as excitement levels increase, the twat does the same thing. The more turned on your girl gets, the wetter, deeper and more flushed/engorged she gets. I forget the exact name of the muscles involved but as she gets hot for you they retract and pull her cervix up and out of the way, thus elongating the vagina. The “average” “cold” vagina is about 3" in length (a chick can usually touch her cervix with her index or middle finger when unaroused) and the “average” “hot” vagina is about 6.5". Other than avoiding the positions that pain your girlfriend, you may try altering the timing of those positions. If you try to hit it doggie style or knees-up right off the bat, you’re more likely to get the complaint than if you hit it after first having her ride you for an orgasm or two and then flipping her for another couple in missionary AND THEN flipping her to finish you both off in a “deeper” position. Who knows if it’ll work for ya, but it’ll be fun trying! :wink:

thank thee Karma that was very informative

ok, karma is right, you can’t just go deep right of the bat.
you really have to get her warmed up first.

the biggest complaint that i’ve heard about going deep is resulting bladder infections. no big deal, heals up with antibiotics, but that’s all i’ve ever heard. and not that i’m a karma-commercial, but some girls like it and some girls don’t.

i’m not going to post my measurements though, one girlfriend made a comment, ‘i want someone that can just come in and f@#%! me.’ I said, no problem - she said, ‘not with that thing!’

Well, karma, if you ever need your cervix abused, you know who to come to!! :wink: LOL Why, oh, why did you have to say that?!?! Damn, woman, I am at work! Now, what am I supposed to do!!?!?!?!?! LOL

“Going deep” has nothing to do with bladder infections. A woman’s urethra is on the outside, not near her cervix.

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I think it is rude when people speak in a language that others can’t understand.

  1. Karma eres la mujer perfecta. Si fueras mi novia todos los dias te besaria el culo.

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  3. Lo dijo compinche… que lastima - ella es bromista.

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Best I could do. besaria el culo? compinche? bromista?

its normal. she should get on top of u when u screw.

Juanito: Eres encantador. Gracias, pero prefiero que me lames a todos partes en lugar de solamente las nalgas. :wink:

GreasyGreek: No, estamos fin. Triste, pero verdad. Todos los cosas van a acabar. Asi, esta no bromista ahora.

Elliot: If you don’t understand the language but are curious as to what we’re saying, try learning. There’s a ton of resources on the net to help. You did get the major points of the comments but let me help you on the others:
besaria el culo = lightly kiss my butt/ass/rearend
lo dijo compinche = I have a close friend (meaning my fiance)
bromista = joker, kidder, teaser

gracias ~karma~ para su respuesta amable

gracias ~karma~ para su respuesta amable

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i like james idea,

After your post to Magnus, I think you can pretty much shut the fuck up.