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Sex on T-mag

Now, I’ve probably got everyone’s attention, I got to make a few comments.

Now I know everyone loves to talk about sex, and that sex sells. And I realize that’s part of the reason beer sells and bodybuilding mags sell and the like. But for God’s sake, I just wish there would be less outward sexual friggin inuendos in this online mag. I mean, don’t get me wrong, and don’t go flammin…its just like, so what if somebody wants to remain celebate…why does everyone have to hear about “penises” and “fucking” in at least one article every week. What if somebody is celibate? Fuck, if we had more of that going on today, and people respected sexuality just a bit more and didn’t treat it as a physical pleasure thing devoid of real meaning, we probably wouldn’t have a lot of social illz.

And don’t go saying well there’s protection this protection that. I’ll grant that. Its just the whole millieu surrounding the presentation of sex. Everything sex. Sex this sex that. I don’t bodybuild to get sex. I bodybuild to look good, which might lead to sex although its not the reason. When I look good, I feel good. Of course I think about sex multiple times a day, I’m a guy. But I just don’t think we need to just always be portraying it as the manly thing to do.

I work with adol. kids who have sexually offended (I am their therapist). Now, I am not saying that this is the cause, but I can say most def. it does not help in the treatment. You got kids trying to learn about appropriate relationships and the value of sex and then every thing from beer to football, to who knows what is sexualized. I understand that many people do this game to look good nekid, but that does not mean we have to trivialize sexual activity or present it as the T-man thing to do under whatever situation.

I love t-mag, I love this board, but I would like to see less sexualized crap in some of the articles. Separate from the other mags. Have class. I know most of the posters on this board have it.

Had to vent.

 Want your balls back?

Intelligent replies.
Yeah, I’ve left it very open to be flamed, but can we have a “mature” discussion.


My position is I WANT sex and debauchery on t-mag's articles. It's what we stand for.

Face it, we're men, we LOVE sex and want it all the time. Sure, there comes a time when you meet a special someone and you want it to mean something. Then it is your choice to wait, and do as you see fit.

However, most of us on these boards fall on the category that has not met that special someone, and we have a special panache for sex, and talking about sex like a bunch of perverts. I think it's, at the very least, a phase we all go through (at 23, I am not qualified to say wether that is the rule at 40 years old, and I certainly won't say TC's character is the character of every 40 year old - then again most 40 yr olds severly lack testosterone in their blood)

While I completely understand and enjoy the male (and female) sexual urge, I have to agree with Vain here. There’s a difference between embracing the sexual side of life and pandering.

In my opinion, the Celibacy article this week was pandering. I really don’t see where reading that served the needs of the average reader (training advice, real inspiration). Maybe it served the needs of women, but I highly doubt it. The reason men still go around with guts and underdeveloped bodies is that they’re still getting laid looking that way. I’m glad that this woman is doing something about it by abstaining from sleeping with wusses, but did we really need to hear about another “cock loving slut” or whatever term would fit into the average pornographer’s conception of what men want to hear?

Luckily, with this article, I never have to read it again, and that’s my choice. Also, with most of TC’s articles, you can figure out by the first line of a paragrah what the paragraph is about, so hopefully you can skip over some of the more tawdry parts, or the whole article if you choose. (Hate to use that as an example, since TC typically has wonderful articles.)

There are ways to get around it, though, Vain, but I doubt that that was your whole point. I would assume that you’re concerned with the message that T-mag is sending. Unfortunately, a message with sex intermingled will attract much more attention, especially from an on-line audience, so I expect that the occasional sexual comment and article is here to stay.
However, I do think that most of the training articles stay on topic quite nicely.

For those in support of sex in T-mag, understand that arguing for sexual discussion smacks of someone who needs to live vicariously through others. (Note: It doesn’t mean that for certain, just comes across that way.)

I worked at a rehab house for kids who were sexual offenders while I was going to law school. Part of the job was reading their files and the transcripts of their therapy sessions. One of these kids was 15 and fucked his 3 year old sister while his parents were at the grocery store. Another 15 year old bought a fake toy badge at Wal-Mart, got on his bike and told a 6 year old that he was under arrest but would be let go if the kid gave him head. These kids are fucked in the head. Beer commercials didn’t do that. Sitcoms didn’t do that. T-mag sure as hell didn’t do it.

I read the first paragraph of the celibacy article and thought it was boring and pointless, so I moved on to the next article. I didn’t think, “I’ll bet this fucks up some kid.” I don’t really have a point, other than to say I don’t really get your point.

Just read that Celibacy article and I must say it was pretty shit.

I have no problem with sex being in the articles but this one wasn’t interesting at all.

I actually enjoy a little spice mixed into my T-mag. Gives things a lighter, easier to read sort of feeling. Sure the training info and nutrition stuff is great, but why not have fun as well?

I would tend to agree. It just seems that is what you hear everywhere and I do think it has an effect on kids. it’s harder to raise decent kids anymore evn if you are a vigilant involved parent.

T-mag is an adult magazine and site, the steroid articles should have given everyone a hint about that. I’m not worried about “the kids” reading text either. Hell, they could be on another site watching simulated rape videos and looking at bondage pictures. Words don’t worry me in that regard.

I think T-mag’s “bathroom” humor is funny. Usually the sex stuff is done as humor and it works. But I agree that the article on celibacy in this week’s issue sucked. It was crude and pointless. TC and Shugs have both written sex articles that were funny, thought provoking and even informative. They’re great! Maureen’s article was not.

I would tend to agree with you and I do the same as others here, just don’t read it.

I work with adol. kids who have sexually offended (I am their therapist). Now, I am not saying that this is the cause, but I can say most def. it does not help in the treatment.

It’s always funny how you have to reiterate yourself for some people.

Anyway, do not get me wrong. I am not a prude, nor do I mind the passing sexual inneundo here and again on occasion. What to me is nauseating is to see the constant pandering of sexualization. Can we please move away from the peurile? I am sure there are those who feel the sexual humour is well needed. But are your lives that void of entertainment and excitement that you come here for that?..Its like your buddy who constantly e-mails porn forwards. Grow up.


Rmember evryone, while Tmag is an adult site, it can be accessed by anyone. Put yourself in the position of a mom who thinks her kid is reading a weight training magazine. Good for Johnny, he’s into a positive activity.
Then he reads about ass sex. I’m not a prude either, but my views are changing as my kids age. They can read now. Five years ago they couldn’t. I know I have to watch out for them, but the world is getting harder to censor what a kid should read or not read. My job shouldn’t be to watch tv, read, listen to music, and play video games. It’s treating people like Vaine.
When I was a child, what is out there now wasn’t available. Mosat music didn’t have ffffff in it. Video games were blips, comics were less racy. I think people don’t want their good times ruined, or maybe never tryed to raise a child. In fith grade I didn’t hear of classmates getting blowjobs, or having sex. It was the Reds versus the Phillies. (Cincinatti was better)Would you want your 14 yo girl to access this site and read about this, or would you want her to access training info?

Here, here Vain.

He’s got a point, you know.

[This coming from a 22 year old virgin, and proud of it baby!]

I’m going to refrain from addressing the issue of whether this affects children because, frankly, I don’t have any evidence to support either argument. What I will say is that I agree with the consensus on this forum. That article was a fucking piece of trash. Maureen is not a T-Vixen. She’s more of a T-Degenerate. That was just crude, arrogant, idiotic drivel. Say what you want about the show, but HBO’s “Sex and the City” covers the same topic with a certain creativity and humor. Maureen is not humorous. Perhaps she should star in her own series, “Sex and the Crackhouse.”

So what exactly was the point of the celibacy article? Seriously. What purpose did it serve?

 I certainly see your point.

 However it's VERY clear from the beggining what the A-DAWG feature is all about. It's also very clear that it doesnt have to lead anywhere. Read the prelude to A-Dawg - If I recall, it says clearly the article will often be pointless.

 As far as parenting goes, it's the parents responsibility to censor as they see fit - not the magazine's. If you sign up for porn tv channels, are you going to call the tv station and ask they remove all porn content?

 There are parental controls - use them for christ's sake. 
 If you want to see wether your kid has visited porn or adult websites, use the history feature. If he did visit adult sites, then teach him a lesson - THAT is how you educate your kid, NOT by avoiding the responsibility altogether and make pretend there is no such thing as profanity and sex, and that men dont enjoy it.


 For those who are simply tickled in a bad way every time they open the A-Dawg article, just freakin dont open it in the first place! It's pretty simple.

 There, I showed how to prevent your kids from accessing adult content on the web, how to prevent yourself to come into contact from adult content yourself, and how it's the parent's responsibility to educate their kids on what the world IS ACTUALLY like, and how to deal with it. Believe it or not most kids will not rape their 3 yr old sister.

 I am starting to get sick of this. On one side you get parents who let their kids do any and everything. On the other side you get parents who are prudes and want to make pretend sex, profanity, and desire don't exist. Either is just as bad as the other.

 If you raise your kids in an environment devoid of anything related to sex, they will find out one day. And that day they find out it'll be much more of a shock for them and they wont know how to deal with it. That's where the problems start - because the parents preferred to paint a different reality and avoid educating their kids on sex and profanity and how to deal with it. 

 Let me compare it to military boot camp. It's the hardest thing one will have done up that point in his/her life. He will come out a radically changed person - more mature, more in control of his life, and with very strong values for the most part. These guys dont live in an environment devoid of all danger, profanity, and where things are taken lightly. They live in an environment where they ar called fuckin maggots, where they're made well aware of the risks to their lives and health, and where profanity is given away like candy by their Drill Instructors. How else do you prepare a young man/woman for the worse life might bestow upon them? By pretending such things dont exist? No.

  I think the same applies to raising a kid. You prepare him for the worst that is out there, and hope for the best. If you raise him well, and show him how to deal with things like drugs, sex, criminal activities and so on, he will know what to do when confronted with those.

 THAT's how you prepare a kid for whats to come. Not by creating an illusion where no one seems to have sex for fun, no one does drugs, steroids dont exist, and no one ever commits a crime. Just my .02.  I wish these kids would start getting raised to be tough and have strong values, not to be ignorant and soft like candy who break in two when presented with drugs or sex. Sheesh.

Sex sells. It’s part of life. Nothing gets the optic nerve’s attention than a million of years old survival instinct and DNA propragating mechanism that works well, eheheh. IT WORKS. The ever increasing of it in the media just proves it even more. Women love attention anyway. And they get it even more than ever before this way…so why would they complain?

Here’s a possible explanation. Women control the sex cartel. Demand (us guys) is well established and guaranteed by our balls. If women lost control of the ‘offer’ part in this sex economy, what ‘power’ would they have over us? Less. I read recently a theory that offers an explanation of why women ‘bash’ sluts harder than men do…sluts lower the ‘price’ of sex by increasing it’s availability…makes sense.

When was the last time you heard us guys bash ourselves and calling ourselves sluts because we are walking intercourse chasing machines ? Almost a proof by itself. LOL

The article of the lady…the tone reminds me of www.heartlessbitches.com

Article does indeed seem pointless.

I’d never go after a chick like that. Seems like a closed system. The equivalent of ‘mental’ intercourse with her seems tough when all she wants is to fuck and use guys as warm dildoes. Any guy who respects himself will find something better out there.

First question I had was regarding her ‘standards being too high’: are they realist? Second question: are they consistent? Third question: other than her looks, what’s in it for us with such a pitch?

That type of vinegar does not attract flies like me, so to say.

Anyway, it’s a free market. She’ll eventually find someone for her niche market. Keep on pitching lady. With time, maybe, you’ll find. In the meanwhile, keep reviewing your premises. Good luck.

diesel, I agree with you. There is nothing weaker than an untested virtue, or whatever John Milton said. While I see where some readers of this site may not want their children reading some of the content, that’s their choice, and it’s T-mag’s choice of which audiences to alienate. For every set of people like my parents that would never read a site like this (religious reasons), there are many more that love the messages displayed on this site. It’s a simple matter of economics and reaching out to more people for T-mag. That’s cool.

What people have a problem with is the pandering, and possible hypocrisy. How many times have they ripped other magazines for the T&A (both male and female, A at least) in bodybuilding mags? Verbal pornograpy is no different, as espoused in last week’s Atomic Dog (Attack of the Blue Whales - which, I might add, I loved). People have different opinions of what is confronting reality and what is pandering to the lowest common denominator, and I believe that is what the original post is about.