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Sex - How Much is Too Much?

I am 40 years old and my wife and I have recently found the fountain of youth. I have been on TRT for about a year and have got into pretty good shape. My wife is down to 106lbs and is a knock out. She has been lifting for two years and feels very good about herself. She deserves to.

Anyway we have been all over eachother for the last two months without missing a day. There have been some days we have had sex 4 different times. Averaging 2 a day. These are not quickys either. Anyway some days my nuts hurt and ache throught the day. They have shrunk but that may be just from the TRT. Is there anything to be said about having to much sex?

[quote]IKIMURA wrote:
Is there anything to be said about having to much sex?[/quote]

Other than you are luckier than most married men, yes. It certainly rises my T levels, but I am natural, so… I don’t know about those on TRT.

You are not using Arimidex/anastrozole or hCG?
Can you post lab results and numbers?

I am on 100mg TE per week and 50mg ED of TA. I take one 2.5mg femara once a week. I would like HCG but doc says no to it and a anti E. I purchase my femara. I am basicially trickling out drops of ejaculate. We have tried to take a day off but for some reason we are to into it. Lab results should be in the mail in a few days and I will post.