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sex help!!!!!


While having sex with my girlfriend, after going for a a decent while, sometimes i start to lose the erection. I have heard of things like Horny goat weed, Vitex, Yohimbe. Do any of these actually work. This problem is starting to frustrate both my girlfriend and myself. Thankd for any advice.


4-AD-EC makes you rock hard and horny, but I’m not sure if you could use it as a pre-sex only kinda thing. I think Bill said for training at least, a morning dose is needed to really “feel” it on an afternoon workout.

How old are you and what’s “a decent while”?

Man screw that Horny Goat Weed. If you really want something good and don’t want V then get something call Stamnia-Rx this stuffs rocks. It has everything in it. Just do a internet search and it should come up.

Biotest M or Vitex from GNC

Go to steroid section of the forum and do a search on cialis. Like atomic bomb has more power than firework, is cialis more potent compared to viagra. If you want to just increase sex drive, here are the supplements I found useful: biotest’s Tribex, M, maca, muira puama, yohimbee, ginkgo, ginseng, horny goat weed. They will make you more horny, but won’t help much with sustaning erection , well except for yohimbe.

I just read the nutritional content of Stamina-Rx. It contains Gamma Amino Butyric Acid which is GBL a precursor to GHB, both are illegal in the US.


1)Make sure you and your lady have a good talk about things. Make sure things are cool there.

2)Take a “look in the mirror”. Make sure that the intensity of feeling for your GF are still there, and things are cool.

3)Look at the “strssors” in your life.

4)After the first three things are done, THEN talk to your doctor. Ironically, (without knowing your age and medical history) Viagra may be the answer…


Did internet search on stamnia-rx could not come up with any hits.Any help on where to find product. THANKS

One word. Tribex!!!

he spelled it wrong. look up Stamina-Rx

What Mufasa said. Every time I’ve had a difficulty in that area (not, uh, that there have ever been any, actually, you know) my body has been trying to tell me something that my mind hadn’t accepted yet: i.e., it’s time to move on.

Of course, it could be something else, like the Kenny G. music that’s playing while you romp.

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is available at most vitamin stores. It helps with sleep and stress. Its certainly not illegal. Some people say it gives them crazy dreams.

sounds like a personal problem.

You are right, I misread GABA as GBL. By the way, GABA is supposed to boost dopamine levels, but it is not effective in crosssing the brain blood barrier. Thta is why there are drugs like pcamilone (gaba linked to b6) or ghb which converts to gaba in the brain. Bromocriptine and l-deprenyl also increase dopamine levels in the brain and help sustain erection.

this happened to me when I was depressed, and although fancied my GF like crazy, had no confidence because of the depression. If you are under 40, I wouldn’t want to rely on anything artificial for too long.

If you are really feeling the pressure say you are feeling down and it’s affecting you, that way you won’t hurt her feelings, and have lots of good oral sex, you’ll soon get your confidence back when you see how well you can make her come

I recommend that you get a better looking girlfriend.