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sex drugs and rock and roll

Hi guys,
Im not trying to promote the use of drugs or anything, but just wanted your views/experiences.
My girlfriend pursuaded me to try some coke the other day as people say it’s excellent for sex. After lots of alcohol I had a few of coke. It did make me feel very horny, but the only thing is I couldn’t keep it up. I tried it without alcohol a few days later and it just made me very edgey. What experiences have you guys had?

Christy Canyon said that when she was dating Robin Williams, he couldn’t get it up to save his life because he did so much coke.

I always just wanted more coke once I did some. Never made me feel too sexual. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fucked on it some but other times I couldn’t get it up either.
True story, once I was getting my dick sucked and when I was approaching climax, I did an IV shot of cocaine. Needless to say, my dick would’ve dropped if it hadn’t shriveled so fast. I didn’t even ask her to finish the blowjob… I wanted more coke!
Now I LOVED having sex while on heroin or ecstacy. You couldn’t bust a nut if you were fucking Jenna Jameson’s ass. Just can’t be done. You just fuck and fuck and fuck etc. Come to think of it, any other drugs than coke make for good sex but… Now that I don’t do that shit anymore I seem to enjoy sex even better. Don’t ask me why but there’s something about it, once I stopped getting fucked up, the sex just seemed more meaningful. Could have something to do with monogamy and honesty… Or it could be the fact that every time I have sex I think it’s better than the last and one has nothing to do with the other.
I’m just glad those days are behind me.

Uhh…I can have sex on every drug I’ve tried (Coke, Weed, K, MDA, and E) None of those drugs really make me horny, though. When I’m on coke,E, or MDA I talk a mile a minute. E makes me want to be with my friends and “bond” or whatever…coke gets me very focused…MDA is kinda like E but lasts longer and makes me sweat more…weed and K I really don’t like, as they both make me too tired.

At the risk of being abrupt, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Coke is serious business. You want to have great sex when you’re 39? Tribex, M, working out. Up the tlevels and you’ll be fine. I’ve seen to many people violate the Doc’s second law of life : you’re not that special. They thought they could get away with light drug use. Didn’t happen.

What the doc said. I can’t believe this post is on this board…

I don’t need drugs to make sex better. I fyour girlfriend pursuaded you to take coke for better sex you must really be a dud in bed because that is just pathetic.

I never take coke just for sex. I take coke just because it is the most amazing drug i have ever tryed. I am not a daily user or a weekly user , i might sniff a gram a month if that. But i have seen coke really really affect people’s lives , so if you are a person who easily get’s addicted to something i would recomend never trying it , because you will get hooked it is that good. By no way am trying to promote this drug , all i am trying to do with this post is to get someone with low will power to never try this drug because i have seen it hurt alot of people. So i would just say depending on the person you are , you will know if you should try the stuff.

drugs ahhhhhh , never really did hard drugs , mainly weeds , alcohol , the hardest thing iver ever done was smoke a chewy (weed sprinkled with coke on it ) and cabby (weed sprinkled with meth on it ) both once , and only once. a year ago i was a very heavey drinker , id get drunk , start bull shit with people i didnt know ,it was fun ,but it aint livin ,its hell after a while

Coke sucks, pin headed no brain ego inflateor, its a vampire

I can’t believe I’m reading this on this message board. This, the site that prides itself on having the most intelligent readers, is talking about what type of narcotics are best for having sex. I enjoy bodybuilding becuase it demands that you regulate your life and treat your body like a temple. You eat “clean,” you monitor your nutients, and you work to improve your strength and flexibility. Instead, we find here a bunch of guys talking about which ways they should use these highly addictive and dangerous drugs to have some better sex. Weak, very weak.

I did coke in the 80s. I’ve always been into fitness but not to the point of being a fanatic about it. I suppose if I was I would have had the personality type that makes doing coke dangerous. I got tired of it after a while. Never got addicted, never found it to do much for sex. Once in a while smoking dope is good before sex. If you have a lot of time dope and viagra go together well, especially if you have a high T level. Moderation is the key to most things. If you can’t moderate your behavior it would be a tough way to live. I’m just glad I’m not like that.

Do us a favor and leave the country. Go somewhere where the damage you do to yourself doesn’t effect people trying to live and enjoy life. I’ve cleaned up so many messes left behind by other people’s drug abuse that I’m sick of it. You are supporting a system that simply enslaves Americans and consumes resources. How will you feel when you find out that your teenage daughter (or son) sucks dick to support his/her drug habit? Are you going to tell them how great drug use was for you too and that you understand? It is the ultimate expression of selfishness and weakness. The most ‘anti-T’ act imaginable!

You STUPID FUCKS!! Don’t you know the kind of scum you support when you buy drugs? Stupid, stupid FUCKING MORONS !!Please do us a all a favor and off yourselves.

That’s right baby…I like my coke when there’s just a liiiiiiitle frostiness on the bottle and…sorry, wrong thread.

Still should be legal. Along with crack and other drugs. Dman we need you!

The people I support are the ones with converted garages in BC. Generally married couples that make enough extra income in a year to get by in a shitty economy. No gangs involved, no murders, just grow the stuff and sell it. There’s a big difference between use and abuse. Booze is legal and lots of people use it moderately without trouble, a few get addicted and it causes harm. The legality of a substance is not always proportional to the the potential harm it causes. A lot of the crap you hear about recreational drugs is just as true as the bullshit they make up about steroids. Here’s a factoid for ya, C. Everett Koop came out against cigarettes, one fact he stated was that cigarettes and heroin have the same spontaneous quitting rate, about 35%. That means that 35% of people don’t get physically addicted to either. That’s real information. The problem is that the odds do suck and the harm of both is documented whether addiction occurs or not. It’s just funny that you don’t hear real facts from the anti drug folks. The facts on some drugs are bad enough, why they need to exaggerate and make stuff up is a mystery.

Yes. Make drugs legal. Also make it legal to hunt and kill dealers and addicts for sport.

Don’t try to change the subject. The moron that started this thread is talking about coke not pot. I hope those married couples don’t have kids that will lose their parents when they get busted. Here’s an idea why don’t they get a fucking job. Are people supposed to turn to crime when they need coin. “Officer I’m just selling to feed myself”. The ends do not justify the means my friend. Is it ok to sell pot and not crack? Where do you draw the line? Yes we all know cigs are bad. So? Do something about it. Call your M.P. or the minister of health, like I did. Tobacco related deaths are about 45,000/yr in Canada and yet Health Canada want’s a recall of ephedrine products because of 3 deaths. Bullshit for sure. So? That still not justify the use of coke,MDA,X etc. I know pot has medical use and that’s great. I have seen first hand its’ effect on MS and chemo patients. It’s just another drug afterall. Pot isn’t in the same league as the others though.

look guys, ill be honest, i did try coke once. Just one small bump. I agree with freud in that it does make you feel very sexual (read masculine). Dont remember if i coudl get it up or not… I am really not sure if i could fully vouch for coke and crack being 100% OTC in the US. Ideologically you basically have to agree if you are in fact a so called “t-man” and not a common issue sheep. I must say it did play with my mind a lot the week that followed the bump. When people say its addicting that ain’t no joke. Coke can serriously fuck up your heart though if you abuse it… Problem is if it were fully legal, bein as our 1st amendment and all, you would have it in music videos, and all over the media puttin more pressure on kids and quite frankly most kids arent as strong willed as me. It probably should be available on some kind of prescription system which would atleast take a large chunk out of drug cartels…