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Sex Drive on Blast & Cruise

Currently suffering ED and loss of libido. I am wondering if they are related.

Need a bit more info then that. What is your current protocol? What are you taking?

I went from 750mg Test C to 250mg Test C, every week, half doses twice a week. Also my blood labs https://imgur.com/gallery/7N8Xo7p

When did you make the drop to 250?

A month ago. 1st of september. Also went on accutane a couple days after.

When were the bloods done? Have you been using an AI?

Dropped the AI recently, was on 0.25mg adex x2 a week when bloods were drawn. Bloods were drawn last week.

Fwiw, my libido is higher on 200 mg/wk than on 600 mg/wk. It’s almost too high on 200 mg/wk though.

Give it a bit more time then for your hormones to balance out.

Is 250mg/w what you normally run as a cruise dose? Or is this your first time cruising?

First time. I prematurely blasted for a year and a half straight.

Wow okay. At 750mg/w?

Some of the more experienced guys might have something more to add but I would just give it a bit more time. You only come off your AI a week ago and lowered your dose a month ago. Your hormones probably need a little more time to level out on the new protocol.


@dextermorgan any input on this?

On TRT it took about 4 months for libido to come back. Give it enough time. You just made a major dosage charge and it’s going to take some time for your body to catch up.

Sucks to know your pipe business suffered for 4 months haha

If I’ve learned anything from @dextermorgan, it’s that he probably popped .0125mg worth of cialis and fucked her sideways for 3 hours twice a day while simultaneously posting physique updates in his bathroom.

After the 4 months he dropped the cialis and continued on after “suffering”.

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Cialis doesn’t actually do a whole lot for my erections granted I’ve never tried it during a time my dick didn’t work during a dosage change when getting dialed in so maybe it would. There was a point when covid just hit and my TRT was switched by the clinic to UGL because the compound pharmacy was not producing and that really fucked with my shit. During that time Cialis didn’t help and I had ED. When things are normal the only thing cialis does is give me a little bit of a pump footing the gym and make my veins pop a tad bit more than usual.

I know none of that was asked and I’m not sure why I even typed it but since it took a while to type I’m leaving it.

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Interesting, same situation here. On a blast cialis makes my dick as hard as a rock. On the cruise though, it’s not doing shit. Also I go from having sex atleast 3 times a day on a blast to having to force myself to stay hard by imagining my girls’ friends having a threesome with us while we fuck on a cruise.
I think it’s just the libido.

Edit: also is there a chance of you frying your hormones / receptors if you prematurely blast for too long to the point where TRT and cruise are not even helpful anymore?

I don’t think you can fry your receptors. Maybe @unreal24278 would know. It sounds to me like your problem is a mental one where you’ve trained yourself to require an extra level of taboo to get you turned on enough to for your brain to send a signal that it’s go time.

I had that when I was watching porn regularly. I first was surprised that I don’t find my girl attractive enough any more, but I did for years before that. Stopped watching and it went away in like 5 days. I don’t think I’m gonna watch that shit again.

I think you might be onto something here.