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Sex Cult of Venice Beach


The recent discussion concerning bodybuilding’s roots made me think of this old article. While the article in no way points to any conclusions about the discussion concerning bodybuilding and “gay roots”, that thread reminded me of the rumours of bodybuilding’s “underworld” that have been going around for years.

This raised hell when it was first published here years ago. Entertaining read if nothing else. Since most people here have never seen it, I thought it’d be interesting to see what people have to say about it today, six years later.

P.S. From the discussion after the article it looks like a couple of other people rediscovered it not too long ago, as well…

That article always struck me as hilarious. “Bodybuilders…gasp…havings sex with multiple partners! NNOOOOOOO my image of bodybuilding has been ruined forever!!!”

The whole thing made it sound like they were eating babies or something. Who gives a fuck if they have crazy sex parties. More power to them.