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Sex as Cardio, Does it Work? (Serious)


So, I guess it’s kind of a cyclical argument, but I couldn’t find a precise answer, probably because every person has his way to go. I’m asking this seriously, lol.
Can sex be considered as cardio? Something like a session of 1 hour, mostly active (on your side)?
I’m a bit confused about the fact that long lasting (>45mins) cardio sessions are said to raise cortisol rates but sex is regarded as an activity that reduces cortisol rates (by reducing stress I think).


I prefer to think of it as active recovery, thinking of sex as cardio just seems like a waste of sex. But what do I know? These days I rarely do any of those three.


Hmm I was thinking more like, hypothetically speaking, approaching sex like if you wanted to split your partner in half. Let’s say it comes natural to a person, can that activity considered like some form of conditioning?


Yeah maybe. Effort in sex is quite hard to measure so who knows.

I take sex as other “life” activities - if it is something regular do not count it. Something more hardcore, like 8 hours hike (or all night orgy, in this case) will have effect on your recovery and can be counted as a “workout” itself.

In short: I think the sex majority of people are having can’t, and shouldn’t, be counted as a training.


If sex works as conditioning for you, either your conditioning is bad or your sex is.


Lol, I was thinking more about generic conditioning.
Since I currently have 4 lifting workouts a week that include 2x heavy conditioning a week (loaded carries at the end of the workout) + 2 times a week light conditioning (weighted backpack walks), I was wondering if generically speaking a good session of 1-2 hours active sex could be considered a replacement to the a session of the latter (light conditioning)


Oh, welll in that case

Yeah, I stand with my original statement.


I have to say that I’m a bit amused about the subject.

Like I said - maybe. If the heart rate stays in good zone for good amount of time. It is yours to decide do you want to calculate it or not.

I personally do not want to mix my sex life with training. They serve different purposes to me. On the other hand, I am a married family guy, so I (we) usually do not have the time/energy for anything that lasts 2 hours in the bed (besides the sleeping).


i dont think there’s any doubt it contributes to keeping you well. the amount of times ive had given out a good hard plough that has left me gasping for air by the time ive done lol


There are obese married people with a shit ton of kids so… It’s probably not particularly effective.


This is really tremendous. Well done.


Im guessing “Atlashrugged” is living the good ole college life right now. After I had my kids my priorities went from sex, eat, train, sleep to sleep, train, eat, and sex.


Conditioning helps with having abs
Sex is great for conditioning

Abs help with finding women to have sex
To have abs you must do conditioning

But to have conditioning you must have sex
To have sex you need one(at least) woman

But to find a woman …

Seriously,screw this,imma stay fat and go buy myself a hooker


“Let’s move to the side of the bed.”

“Why? I didn’t put laundry away yet.”

“I need to spend some more time in Zone 2.”

“Oh damn! That’s right. Well I get to be on top soon, I only got two miles in this morning.”


It all depends how you have sex. If you do what’s known in the kama sutra as ‘the knee elbow’, it could work as strength training. It’s not so much a loaded carry as loaded humping.


Yeah… fuck you guys (read: yer right… dick).

I was coming to post here because my little buddy failed last night.

I’ve been avoiding cardio for 10+ yrs… fucking hate it. Just started my first cycle, and as you can imagine… the little lady has been getting it with improved vigor.

Anyway… as we were wrapping up the hour (and her 3rd or 4th O)… I decided it was my turn… I was already breathing hard as fuck… sweating profusely… and as I pounded with intensity for the big finish… I felt my heart pounding behind my eyes/in my head… began hyperventilating… and my typically iron clad erection faltered :frowning:

You want to talk about disappointing… an hour’s worth of work, with a geared up libido… only to be met with blueballs.

Undoubtedly due to my poor cardio condition (the most I ever do is LISS)… and possibly my abuse of stims (EC stack).

My initial response is to throw in a HIIT day (as I’m guessing it most closely mimicks the demands of agro sex on the ticker)… but figured I’d bounce it off the knowledge base here first (there are smart fuckers here–all puns).



Stims (too much coffee, ephedrine, yayo) are notorious for being boner-killers.Ease up a bit on the stack and you’ll be fine.


Depends really. There’s those gentle, strong love making sessions where it’s more of just taking your time and pleasuring one another, and there’s those sweaty bang-it-out sessions where you end up slightly dehydrated and hungry afterwards. I’d say it’s a pleasurable physical activity, not necessarily conditioning though.


If sex took an hour (or the best part of) I would have it once a year lol

As for conditioning, nothing turns me on more than the state people are in after carrying a heavy keg for 100m :smile:


It works about as well as doing sprints for strength training.