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Sex and "that time of the month"

Since this forum is quickly getting a little crazy with mindless “posts”, I figured I would post a goofy question. I have been in a constant battle with my wife on having sex while it is “her time of the month”. She wants it, I can’t bring myself to do it. What does everyone else do?

dont be a wuss…get in there and tear that shit up!!! hold your breath rub some vicks inside your nose do what ever you have to, then give it hell…do it in the shower or put down a towel…it will seap thru and stain your mattress…its only a week think as if you were on the fat fast diet. if you really get brave go down and get you a bloody fish sandwhich…tribex helps, plus she’ll think you care about making her happy in turn she’ll make you happy…just dont stick you tounge in (some like a good bloody mary)…either way it beats spankin for a week.

JRR, don’t be scared. I have had sex with many girlfriends during that time of the month…as long as they were okay with that. Obviously, it’s best not to do it on the first or second day, especially if she has a “heavy” period. But by the third day, it’s all good. Just keep a towel handy in case things get messy. I can’t say I’ve ever had anything really messy though. Maybe it’s just because I’m a dogg, and the scent of blood attracts me! Ha ha ha! Okay, that was kind of sick. But really, I have no problem with sex during that time of the month.

I’d give it to her. I always had a problem with my girlfriend “giving me some” while she had her period because of the mess. Doing it in the shower would take care of that problem. However, I wouldn’t go down on her during that time because that’s where I draw the line!

Ha ha. Yeah, just do it. I’ve got a funny/disgusting story. A girl I knew in college told me that she and her boyfriend went out and got drunk. They came back home and had sex. Right after, she gave him a blowjob, and in the middle of it, she thought," He tastes horrible for some reason." Then she realized that she was in the middle of her period. Needless to say, she spent about an hour, puking into the toilet.

I only have a few words to share regarding this topic. “If you can’t cook it, I don’t eat it” were the wise words passed on to me from my grandfather.

Funny, that’s when my wife wants sex the least. Although on rare and special occasion she’ll share her charms with me during that time.
A year ago, in an effort to shorten her cycle, I initiated a Pamper night. I draw her a long hot bubble bath, bathe her, a special drink she likes, a long massage afterwards. More and more she shares afterwards, thus getting me laid days before I might otherwise. It’s a bit manipulative, but she loves it any way.
Then for at least a week after her period is over it’s sex just about every day, until mid cycle when she slows down and her libido drops off percipitously until she starts her next period.
I’d give love her 24/7/365 if she’d let me.
My advice to you? If your wife wants sex? Give her sex, menstrual flow or not.

Nasty!!! And it is against my religion to
have sex (or even touch) a menstruating
woman. Blecchhhh!!!

The idea of eating haddock with Ragu on it
turns my stomach.

I’ll wait the week and play with Mary Palm
and her 5 sisters if I have to.


Doesn’t bother me one bit…any time is a good time…but as I tell the vixen, unless she is on her deathbed and it is her last request…don’t expect me to earn my redwings!!

There’s nothing wrong with a little bloodsport.

I don’t have a problem doing it. Most women are unusually horney during this time. I just grab a black bath towel and put it down under her or me and "ride, baby, ride. I just throw the towel in the wash, jump in the shower, and get back into bed. No worries mate.

JRR - a few comments regarding this issue:

  1. “If the the river runs red, take the dirty road home (stick it in option #3).”
  2. “It is OK to swim in the red river - just don’t drink from it.”
  3. In all seriousness, an X-girlfriend and I used bump nasties all the time when she was on the rag. The best thing for us was to turn off the lights in the bathroom, get wet, and then have her straddle me like a horse on the tiolet. Provided that you’re both already wet and it’s dark, you’ll never know the difference. Immediately afterwards, just hop back in the shower and spray off. Also, most chics are real self conscience about this kind of shit, so it might be a nice gesture on your behalf to let her exit the bathroom with the lights still off first and then you can do the clean-up (if applicable) without her there. Happing hunting…

I never said I’d eat it during that time of the month! The day after her period is over is prime time for eating the poontang pie. But there is nothing wrong with humping during her period.

Hit it in the ASS!

Get on with it bro. One of my initiations into the Hell’s Angels, and it is still required, is to go down on a woman flowing red. Suck it in and enjoy. Besides she will be super horny then. If you are not “up” to it my friend, send her along to Old Dirty Mike and we’ll get the job done fer ya. :)~~

I earned my ‘red wings’ a long time ago. There are a lot worse things in life than a little blood.

“Patty cake, patty cake baker’s man…if your chick’s on her period…Fuck her in the can!”…ah Dice! Actually, I avoid any sex with the t-vixen during this time. It’s only for a few days anyway. It’s all a matter of if you can stomach it. I can’t. Blood is great…when you’re beating someone about the head with a brick…but not during sex.

Turn the lights off and put a dark towel under her! Seriously, if a little blood is enough to make you turn down sex, I think you need to start taking more androsol.

Dudes, thats what Anal is for! Trust me, they’re so horny, they just want anything in them anywhere! My brother loves banging chicks on their period, he calls it Crime Scene Sex! lol. I certainly ain’t stickin it in anymore, I tried it once a few weeks ago- and it looked like fuckin spam chunks came out!!! Quote of the day…“Never trust anything that bleeds for 4 days and dosen’t die”

Hehehe…just as I figured…you guys are f***** in the head. Anyway, the “third imput” is taboo with my wife. Too bad. The reason I ask the question in the first place is I am currently “on” and am ready to f*** a knot in a tree on a daily basis. She says that if I have sex with her now because I am so desperate, I gotta do it in the future, steroids or no. I guess…nah I can’t!