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Sex and Testosterone

Okay, this is a question that I have been thinking about for a while. Does ejaculating decrease your T levels? I was wondering this, because I’ve just started to get hot and heavy with a new T-Vixen, and we’ve been having sex every other day, or more… Is this going to affect my gains?

I wouldn’t worry too much about that, in fact if memory serves me (you may want to check me on this by searching through past articles here), having sex actually INCREASES T-levels. So the moral of the story is bang away.

No. But if the answer was yes, would you reduce the amount of sex you were having? I think not. So it’s a moot point.

though you say you have been thinking about this for a while, you obviously havent been reading the forum for long at all.

Who cares!!! Arrhhhhh. Talk about worrying about the wrong things.

Aw, come on! You just wanted to brag about your new girl!

Of course, it’s well known that sex (or masturbation) increases your T levels slightly, but not enough to make any difference whatsoever.

BUT, if you’re doing it often and for long periods of time, you’ll be missing out on sleep and a meal or two. It’s great cardio though!

Trivia: you burn 5 calories every time you ejaculate.

Yes it will. Sex and strength gains are incompatible. Keep training hard and send the girl over to my house. My address is: [Editor’s Note: We don’t print addresses here. All women interfering with training should be sent directly to Biotest Labs for further study] One more time, it’s: [Editor’s Note: NO ADDRESSES. Make sure the package says c/o Chris Shugart] She won’t interfere with my training since all I do is surf the net all day. By the way, I didn’t know Metallica had any fans left.

DMan - I actually have been reading the forum for about 2 months… learning alot!!

Every OTHER day? Jeez, you must be older than me!

lol avoids

Well in my opinion sex is great cardio. Thet say having cardio and strength gains do not go hand in hand. But it may be ok in small doses like 20-30 min 2-3x/week, use Tates extra workout reccomendations. It’s also a great GPP workout for the hips, butt, lower abdominals. Also good for triceps and delts if you are on top. Personally , since I’ve began using this as GPP my squat has gone up 400lbs (I’ve been at this for years) Plus you develope some body control bu getting into some weird positions. Can Be good for flexibility too. So this should translate to functional strength and athletics too. I think that If you ask most T-Men they’ll tell you that it has been a great addition to their training programs too. I also read an article by Dave Tate which described a good way to use bands with it. My Favorite is to wrap the band around her and I, in doggie position, pull bakc and let the band do most of the work. This is real good after a hard leg day. My girlfriend likes the extra thrust too.
Ha Ha Ha…

My 2cents


Y’know, the T-Mag staff should really think about putting up a Forum FAQ. Then whenever someone posted a question that’s been asked about 50 times before (and always with pretty much the same answers), someone could just write “Hey man, why don’t you get FAQed?” in their reply and be done with it. Might cut down on a large percentage of the people who are too lazy to use the search engine (or for whom the search engine “doesn’t work”).

Glad to see, Alex, that I’m not the only one who’s incorporated Westside principles into his love play. Bands are indeed a nice place to start. Have you experimented with the chains yet? How about “Box squats”? They’re great fun. George Carlin used to describe a similar maneuver that sounded like good GPP to me: “squat jumps in the cucumber patch.”

I’ve also tried the HIT Principles, 1 set to failure. It just didn’t do that much for me. I mean you are done before your training partner is even warmed up.

I seem to get much more from doing “multiple” sets and reps ;> I also do like “Box” Squats, havent tried the cucumber thing though. I think the westside method does it best, you have your speed days, Max effort days and use the repeated effort method. The variety is good and no matter which type of training your partner enjoys you will have something for her.

metalica-- that statement cant possibly be true, because in the last month there was a question that was virtually identical to yours.

DMan… That statement is totally true man… I read the first page of posts, and that one must not have been up there that long… Who cares, I’m just looking for some feedback! Thanks for everyone that posted… and NO, you can’t have the T-Vixen. She’s the only cardio that I do now :slight_smile:

The answer is in a past article called ‘The Big T’ by John Berardi. Look it up.