sex and test

I was wondering can sex drive work in reverse? Let me explain: Testosterone can boost sex drive to sometimes ridiculus levels but can sex drive boost test levels? If you were to have regular sex while weight training would you increase test producion more than if you just weight trained? I just recently started going to the gym again after recovering from an injury. At the same exact time I began a sexual relationship and noticed that I seemed to have more drive for both if I do both regularly… and to my surprise if I have sex during a recovery stage I can recover faster… seemingly as soon as I am done haveing sex I am no longer sore from a previous training session. Is there proof (or studies) that being sexually active increases test levels? I can not have sex immeadiately after weight training though because I assume I am way too exhausted but when I bounce back an hour or two later its like I had even more test than before.

I don’t have a real answer for you, but I do know that the polled many football players that have made it to the Super Bowl. And it the players had sex the night before lost the game and those who waited until after; won. John Elway himself said that he had sex before he lost his first couple Super Bowls and refrained from sex the night prior to winning his first Super Bowl. Other players have made similar statements.

Read Atomic Dawg issue 66, that should sufficiently answer your question.

Charlie Francis covered this topic in one of his Q and A columns.

Well, boxers abstain from sex before a big bout, since sex the night before can cause their legs to get “wobbly”.

But do this, go on a low-carb diet, or diet to get really lean - you'll lose that desire for sex. Other than that, I have no real answer for you.

Hmmm, I think I’ll have to do some case studies. To heck with objectivity, I’ll use myself as the test subject.