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Sex and Sleep

Hi all!

  1. I have noticed that I have the worst workouts when I had sex shortly before working out. Is this due to being tired or is there a hormonal reason?

  2. I sleep only about 6-6.5 hours a day, so I was also wondering how will this affect my muscle development and recovery? Or maybe it just compounds #1 above…


Dont ask me how I know this, but I read somewhere that after a male orgasms he releases a hormone that makes him sleepy…thats probably why you cant workout too well. I know, im a vast pool of normally useless knowledge.

I was actually going to post the exact same thing a few weeks ago but I forgot.

After sex, I seriously cannot workout. It sucks too cause after work sometimes prior to working out it’s quite convenient for me to have sex but as a result I feel tired as shit and the workout totally sucks.

Sad to say, I try to avoid sex prior to working out now. Kind of strange… now that I am typing it out… am I stupid for doing this?

Not stupid. The phenomenon that after sex a man often wants to roll over and sleep is pretty well established. I’ve altered my own “routine” because of this, and she understands completely.

Means post-workout sex, and no one complains.

I must be weird. Usually after sex I a)want more sex b)get up, eat breakfast, take a shower, and go to the gym.

That falling asleep thing is pretty rare for me unless the sex is around my normal bedtime, which with my schedule just doesn’t happen.

After sex I usually want food. I kind of feel a little more awake.

I’ve read a few studies citing that mens test levels drop after sex while womens rise. If this is true it could be because you aren’t so “juiced up” after sex. How about sex while working out? No, seriously, I’d guess that getting worked up about sex before a workout could help, but don’t actually have sex. I know this works for me. If I get all hot an bothered but don’t get an outlet for it I have to go take it out on the weights, and they have hell to pay let me tell you. On the other hand if I see a hot chick in the GYM while I am in this state of mind I could end up dropping a dumbell or two on my head because of the sudden lack of concentration.

I couldn’t find a study to show that T-levels drop after ejaculation, but I’m fairly certain this happens. I did find a study that shows that abstaining does increase T-levels.

My guess is that ejaculation causes a rise in SBHG causing a rapid drop in Free T-levels. Perhaps someone more in the know will comment.

If I’m right, this would certainly explain why you are experiencing reduced performance at the gym.

After sex, I need a good smoke…

hehehe - y’all thought I was serious? hehehe

Actually, I need sleep. Like a baby. Some serious ZZZZZZZZ’s.

I don’t believe you Patricia. Ko will have to back that up. Never heard of a woman not wanting to “talk” or “cuddle” after sex.

Like irondoc and SteelyEyes, I become more awake. Workouts or a run after morning sex always works for me.

Everything i have read shows a temporary increase in test levels after sex. There is also a hormone released that can make you want to go to sleep. However i think that the biggest factor is how vigorously you have sex and for how long, if you really bring the wood and go the distance and then try to work out of course you will be weaker. It would be the same as doing an intense half hour cardio session and then working out.

I believe it’s due to the release of seratonin after orgasm in men.

rderieux, it’s like eating - you need to wait at least an hour afterward to work out!

Sex can make me sleepy. I’ve actually fallen asleep right afterward while still … you get the picture. She was not happy with that!

Post workout sex is the best, though!

nephorm: thats what I was trying to say, I just couldnt remember exactly.

Machine: Oh, Ko will back me up on this - only since it’s true!

The last thing on my mind after sex is talking and/or cuddling. I need sleep.

Regarding your sleep time of 6-6.5 hours and how it affects muscle growth…

It really depends on whether that is enough sleep for you. Do you feel well rested?

If you are not well rested that can have a huge impact on your ability to gain muscle and lose fat. Why? Well, because how soundly and how long you sleep determines:

  1. How much Test is produced
  2. How much GH is released
  3. To what extent Cortisol levels are mopped up

Obviously those three things are going to have a dramatic effect on your ability to build muscle as well as a bunch of other things related to your ability to exercise and/or perform.

One of my friends just read over 60 studies on sleep – its impact on muscle, fat, and athletic performance and submitted two very in depth articles on the subject right here to T-mag.

I don’t want to steal his thunder, hopefully they’ll appear soon

Machine i think you forget Patricia is no ordinary woman.
anyway what is this sex and sleep thing you all talk of i think i have forgoten what both of them are…

All this proves - yet again - is that Patricia is the ultimate fantasy woman.

Geez… She lifts, likes comics, is smart, knows how to eat, looks great, likes sex, AND goes to sleep right after.

Please God someone come up with some cloning technology soon!!!

Thanks char-dawg, my thoughts exactly.