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sex and lifting

alright guys, this one has been bothering me for a while. im 19 and and ridiculously horny. and i have heard somewhere that having sex or masturbating the same day as lifting would mess up your performance. now ive done this a couple of times, and i was fine, even did more then before. but then lately, i have either been feeling weaker or have been doin the same amount of weight. what do you guys thing?


The reverse is true. That urban myth goes back to at least the 1940’s. Maybe you should recommend it for a segment on Myth Busters. I can see those two clowns honkin’ their horn while watching a Daisy Duck cartoon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a horny mofo too. He seemed to do pretty well.

masturbation will make you go blind…

And grow hair on your palms Ren! haha

I usually have a nice honey ride me while I’m doing benches. I just call over the first available hottie, snap my fingers and point to my crotch, and she knows exactly what to do. All the girls at my gym love to be the one picked, and my bench goes up every week.

Avoids–Funny Shit! Great show too.


thx dave, forgot to mention that.

you too merlin!!! no way i thought i was the only guy with the skills… maybe we could have a comp some time to see who would get preference lol