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Sex and Lifting


OK so I had sex like an hour before I lifted. Today was dead lift day. I do wendler 531 for powerlifting. So I did my called reps for 405x3 and I ended up getting 11 reps probably 15 but though hey man stop it lol. Then I went up to 455 for a few singles which usually come up easy as hell but I could not get the damn weight off then ground ^_^....I have also been doing tons of mobility work for squats and my legs and hammies were still sore from Sunday. So what do you think was the cause of not getting the weight up? Sex? Sore legs and hammies ? Or excessive mobility work ...lol what is your views on sex before workouts ? Do YOU get weaker?


I'm fine with it as long as you wipe down the equipment when you are finished.


Lol I showered before I went to the gym (;


It doesn't matter


Good god.


I found that implementing a 4 hour rule (be 'good' at least 4 hours prior to lifting) was useful but I can see it varying from lifter to lifter


Not sure about lifting but as for football two things killed me if I did it the day of or before the game... sex and sesame chicken!!


Sex burns calories and takes some of your energy. Unless she's on top, I wouldn't do it before training. Haven't you heard how good people sleep after sex?


Yes she was on top but i was doing all the work i guess my extra hip mobility work is paying off (jack hammer) lol but all jokes aside thanks for the replies guys. Actually will save sex for afterwards because i feel like a beast after a heavy squat and deadlift day lol


If I have sex before training Im pretty much useless. I prefer being on top and doing the work anyway.


Is that legal where you're from?


You probably get a little tired and don't lift at your best.

That said its minimal at worst and ass>minutely sub-optimal lifting.


high reps before singles doesn't work in my experience.. especially if you're sore from the other day (depends on what %of your 1RM that 455 is)...
I basically won't do legs after sex, and there is no way I could have sex after legs, I'm rocked after. Those 2 things just don't mix well haha.

Glad you feel like a BAWS after legs, get that GPP in after the gym if you have the energy and aren't defeated after legs like some ppl


Probably not... I am expecting a cop to knock on my door in a few min!!



Yea but would you want to lose and think, I skipped sex for this?? Its my good luck charm!! LOL Just not on the ride to the gym!!


I dont find that sex before lifting has any effect. I have had sex outside in a public park in 3 foot tall grass, 50 feet from the highway an hour or so before a deadlift session. I was doing all the work too, she was on all fours. Felt fine in the gym. If anything, maybe my testosterone was still elevated? I actually felt stronger. You'd think that with all the repetitive hip extensions my lockout woulda sucked.


I thought sex and mobility work were the same thing...


Lol nice abs

Im just saying i had sex for about an hour did almost all the work
Showered then went to the gym i felt energized but weak..lol


I'm not a huge fan of bonin' before training because it leaves me feeling drained but if I have the opportunity I'm always up for gettin in a quick jerk before training because it gets my mind off pussy and helps me focus in on training. In all seriousness. And I've found it worked for me in endurance sports too when I was rowing in college