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Sex and Crazy Story



funnny shit


suck a bag of dicks.


a whole bag of em'


A whole bag is a lot of dick for a first time poster.


Whaddya mean? Should I suck the side of the bag or something? Do I need to open the bag and do each one individually?

Do I gotta make them cum?

Lotta questions here. But tell your girlfriend I said thanks.


at least half a bag then. preferably 3/4ths of the dicks in a medium sized bag of dicks.


Isn't there a regular here who goes by the handle of Dickbag?




What kinda bag? Like a paper one where they're spilling out like baguettes, or one of the discount brands where they just slosh around in the plastic bag like chicken parts?

Is this because I cut you off in traffic?


listen if I had known you were Louie CK I wouldn't have given you such great material.




Awful blog. Really just the worst.


what am I missing here


I'll tell ya what you're NOT missing... 30 minutes of Louis C.K. comedy wrapped up in a couple of posts.


Great! Now Al Quaida's going to come after you for that...



Louis CK is the MAN