Sex Addiction Question

I’ve been working out for a while now, and am starting to get into the kind of shape where women are starting to notice me.

I’ve realized something about myself: I can’t say no to a woman I find reasonably attractive. I’ve always thought all men are horny bastards, but maybe I’m worse than most. So, I guess my question is for the guys who have really awesome physiques and no problem getting ladies.

Can you control yourselves? Do you have to have sex with any woman who you find attractive? How often do you have a new sex partner? Can you stay in a monogomous relationship?

I’ve never managed to be faithful to someone, and if I could, I would honestly have sex with 5-10 women a week. Is there something wrong with me, or are we all this way?

I think its called delusions of grandeur.

A horny guy, who would’ve thunk. I used to think I was a nympho until I found out that was a term for women. Talk about having your bubble burst.

Sorry to say this but yes you do. I believe you probably are a sex addict if you can’t say no to any woman and cannot stay loyal in a relationship. There is a actually a good article in a recent men’s health magazine about this very subject. It’s about a 12 step program for sex addicts and in the article is a questionairre that can help you determine if you may be a sex addict. Basically people like this are looking for ego validation through sex. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating and sleeping with more than one person if your single. As long as the people you’re with are aware of your lifestyle and have no problem with it,no harm no foul. There’s nothing like a late night booty call to help you sleep better. I think a healthy sex life is vital to good health. However if it interferes with other things in your life including relationships and you cannot say no to any women, then you have a problem.

Jack, I am still unable to pinpoint what the real problem is. I see no problem at all.

I think that the vast majority of men are “sex addicts,” but more like 99.9% of those of us who train long and hard enough to have national-level bodybuilder’s physiques. If I could, I would screw a different woman every day, no prob. But I love my wife of ten years too much to hurt her and risk losing her. It all comes down to self-control and how much you have to lose.