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Severely Uneven Chest


I’m very much a beginner at building my body. I want a thicker back, bigger shoulders, arms everything. Before I can really build my chest I need to fix this ugly imbalance. Thoughts?


Very simple solution. Pick a proven full body program with a method of progression. Research proper nutrition. As far as I can tell there is no major issue with your chest. Use dumbbell pressing for your chest with proper form. Should solve this “issue”, within a few months at most


I’ve got to agree with the slammer.

Your chest looks Uneven. People may try to tell you that you’re crazy, and just seeing things, but in reality, you’re right, your pecs aren’t even.

Luckily, one side is at Level 0 and the other side is at Level 0.25, so it’s not very severe. Start Training, and then you can elvaluate. People Lift Weights to build up muscles. You can too!


Hard to tell from these pictures but considering that nipples point in very different directions (no homo), I’d say you probably have different muscle insertions. In that case, there’s nothing you can do about it.
But regardless, you got it sideways - you don’t need to fix it before putting on mass. You need to put on mass to cover it, that’s how it works. It’s noticeable now because you have exactly zero mass in that area.


I may not be on board with what everyone has said to this point… that doesn’t look to me like it’s just an underdeveloped chest. it looks like a tear, or an insertion point abnormality. I mean, at the end of the day, the advice is the same: all you can do is lift and grow and try your best to mask the issue… But to me, that looks like something you aren’t going to be able to ‘fix’ necessarily. I’m not positive, by any means. I could be wrong, and you’ll figure that out if you do start to put on substantial muscle. Regardless, I don’t think there are specific actions you should take to try to ‘even it out’ . Don’t overemphasize one side of your body over the other. Always use the same weight and reps for each side if you’re using dumbbells.


I am so gross, people should value good symmetrical genetics


No one gives a fuck that your pec is a little off.

You might want to re-evaluate the above sentence and how it impacts your perspective on life.


yes, your chest is a little uneven.

If you add a shitload of muscle it’ll still look good.

Stop crying about it on forums and get to work.



It doesn’t help that you’re taking the most over-focused, out of context pictures of your chest. But the bottomline is, yes, that looks like something more significant than a “stubborn muscle” and, no, there’s not a whole helluva lot you can do about it. Guys have done more with less. Literally.


I bet if I ever stopped working out for a long period and my muscles atrophied to your level, I’d look more uneven than you. Developing your muscles better will ABSOLUTELY hide the smaller flaws in structure. I have an uneven gap in the middle of my chest that used to be very obvious. I think it was a tear of some sort that happened as an adolescent. I can barely see it now because I’ve put so much size on. I also have a newer tear in my left pec, on the outside. I’d be willing to bet that it would look concave in that region if I lost a lot of muscle mass.

Just play the cards you were dealt, man. We all have flaws. Yours in minor.