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Severely Low T, Bloodwork and History

Okay so here goes nothing…

26 years old
Male (or at least I was until I seen my bloodwork :laughing:)

So as I posted above is my blood work that reflects my hormone panel as well as my cholesterol, mineral, blood panel. What prompted me to get this test done was a huge list of lingering hangover symptoms that never seemed to dissipate after college (4 years ago).


Drank alcohol socially (weekends), since I was about 17-18. marijuana use for about 4 years between the ages of 15-19, and seldom use after that age. sports from the age of 9-18 (baseball, track, football), 1 semester of rugby in college. Frequent gym goer from 16-25. supplementation: preworkout daily for about 5 years (19-24, I know, a bit fucking excessive), occasional fat burners, 2 known pro hormones with proper pct, and ONE 6 week cycle of test prop @ 1ml once-a-week (6 ml total)*.

*This low of a dose was incredibly stupid but till this day I still don’t believe it contributed to such low testosterone levels now but, “what the hell do I know?” italian voice


anxiety, depression, irritability, low concentration, low motivation, apprehension, bad sleep, guilt. with a majority of these symptoms compounding in the last 6 months.


overall weakness, low sex drive, nerve twitches, lethargy


been doing keto/carnivore recently, however with this new depression its been sporadic and can get off track very fast. Cut out alcohol and caffeine the post 3 weeks. Ive seen a very, very slight improvement in cognition, but hey, “what the hell do I know?” italian voice. supplementing currently with vitamin D 250% daily, b vitamin complex, collagen, probiotics, boron, and occasionally theanine.


testicals are normal size, I don’t have a micropenis, definitely don’t have any real body hair, my facial hair is very thin as well (just like my dad, whom has ZERO of my ailments @ 56y/o). no family history of hypogonadism/hypothyroidism. a few relatives have general anxiety, but no immediate family.

Interesting side note however…(get a load of this)
My mother was still taking birth control while she was pregnant with me for about 4 months while I was in the whom. So my thought process leads me to believe this is HPTA related but this all seems so onset? whereas the first 22 years of my life were met with virtually no health problems apart from slight allergies and eczema.


Been seeing my family doctor and have started looking into my issues and the crossroads were at right now have been a secondary, fasted blood test to confirm the first set of tests. which leaves me to stew in my decrepit state of being.

If theres any internet person out there that might have any real insight into my situation and would be willing to give some advice id greatly appreciate it!

thanks, donnie

I had basically the same levels as you. Start TRT and then get an MRI to look for tumors and whatnot. Maybe try clomid first if you want to go that route. I have a fairly good idea of what caused my low t so I never bothered investigating anything, i was more concerned with changing my life asap once i realized what was going on and what my options were.


Check FSH, LH, prolactin and IGF-1. You may have fertility issues. I would hold off until a cause of your low testosterone is determined as it could impact your treatment options.


okay ill be hearing from doc tomorrow about my situation. did trt help with your symptoms?

waiting for my doc appointment tomorrow to hear about my FSH and LH levels. trying to stay patient!

Yeah complete 180. Energy, mood, personality, strength, drive and motivation, clear thoughts, libido as well as erections greatly improved in quality. Didnt even realize they were lacking.


You should redact the personal info from your labs, unless you’re into identity theft. And you win the award for lowest Total T. Wow. Something serious is going on with you.


thanks for the heads up there, just edited it. and yeah it wasnt an award I was trying to win but here I am lol