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Severe Wrist Sprain

While Im not technically a beginner - Im starting back at square 1.

3 Weeks ago I started back in the gym after a long break.

Last thursday I sprained my right wrist- the doctor said it was a severe sprain and took me out of work for a few weeks.

Now I can’t lift weights. I had planned on building muscle and strength - now Im stuck.

Attempting to burn fat would probably be bad, seeing as how I can’t deadlift, bench, row, or anything for upper body so my muscle wouldn’t maintain (what is under the fat- i think theres some :confused: ).

What do you guys think I should do- just focus on a clean diet and pop BCAAs until I am able to get back in the gym( could be up to 2 months )?

I have a weighted vest and can throw it on and do usual house chores, walks, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

lunges, pistols, step ups, leg curls, reverse hyper, any kind of direct ab/back/core work

and of course, as much as i like free weight, there is one time when machines come really handy - when you’re injured or doing recovery.

depending on the machines you have access to, there isnt really any muscle group that you can’t work out with a strained wrist other than maybe the forearm.

If your gym doesnt have machines, just work our legs/core and/or do HIIT/Cardio/GPP

Yeah I was thinking I could do plenty of core/lower body work.

Never really thought about machines.


Anyone else have words of wisdom to help?