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Severe Testes Shrinkage After Starting TRT. Hypogonadism Fix?

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, I’m from Italy, 25 y.o, read a lot about this forum before start my trt followed by a doc. I started TRT 6 months ago after my libido dropped drastically with time.

Current protocol:
Test e 75mg x 2 per week
no AI
E2 in check

No problem overall except my test!
My doc don’t want to prescribe HCG, he will try it for a year and see how things are going, but fuck my testes are half size than before and ejaculate has decreased ( it’s normal I think).
I read suggestions from KSman about TRT protocol with 250ui HCG EOD + TRT, thats helped me a lot with my doc as he had no idea how to start a HRT protocol!
My decision is to stop TRT in 6 months and do as KSman advised to someone;
250/300 ui EOD for 80 days with Adex 0.5/1mg week splitted EOD, eventually taper with Nolva (20mg ED/EOD?) with no HCG and than continue with Adex a few more weeks.
What do you think about this PCT protocol guys? any advice to bring to normal size my testes again?
Eventually after my testes are back I will start TRT again but with HCG
My mind is blown, my GF doesn’t care about that but I do!

P.S sorry for my bad English

Wait, just read your whole thread. Don’t stop TRT, just add the HCG now 250iu EOD and drop the AI. Check levels in 4-6 weeks. No need to stop test altogether just to get some size back


You can pretty much ignore anything Ksman said. I haven’t really seen anything from him that was correct.

Just add HCG and your size should recover. It doesn’t have to be that complicated.


I must be the odd one out as I noticed no shrinkage. Hell my balls are YUGE. Jokes side, is it really that important? ITs not like anybody takes a caliper to your balls. HCG makes me feel like crap but if you want to add it in then follow what @ncsugrad2002 said.

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Did you notice no shrinkage without HCG?

No sir. Stopped taking it and my testes seem to be the same.

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@blshaw I’ll try HCG and see how I respond, thank you a lot for advice anyway

Then you say @ncsugrad2002 to add 250 ui EOD to my TRT and see if the size come back within a couple of months? Anyway I don’t use AI @swoops39

Ok you mentioned taking .5/1mg anastrozole during your pct so didn’t know if you were taking any now

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Yep. See if that helps. May need a higher dose, I’m not sure exactly what you’ll need dose wise but I’d start on the low side as HCG makes some people feel terrible, have more acne, etc

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I live by the motto " small potatoes make the steak look bigger. "


Then I’ll try 250 ui EOD and see if helps, If I get high e2 I can reduce TRT dose from 150mg week to 100/120mg week or so, but this if e2 are high.
Anyway thanks for advices guys

You should notice significant results within two weeks.

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E2 being high doesn’t matter unless you’re symptomatic… like 99.9% of men with high E2 feel fine… as a matter of fact, high estradiol (E2) on trt is correlated with better libido (studies back this)


I’ll use 500ug of HCG 2x per week once every 3-4 months (ie: only 3-4 total times per year) and it does the trick. I can’t be on it on a regular dosing schedule as it screws with my mood, but this infrequent “jump start” works for me and the effects last several months

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Are you saying 1 well every 3-4 months?

Same. He was obsessed with basal thermometers to the point it was concerning.

I get that when one finds a solution to their problem, it’s amazing, but doesn’t mean it applies to everyone.

“Forum experts” (without any credentials) tend to be some of the most misleading people around, in any area.


The sooner you can get over this the better. If your size matters that much to you, then you need to work on yourself mentally. Personality and confidence matters 1000% more for your manhood than dick and ball size.

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Yes, that’s correct, a few IU’s every 3-4 months. I realize this goes against all conventional wisdom regarding HCG use and TRT, but it stops my nuts from shrinking and I feel better on it.

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How long does it take to have an effect? Like when you start taking it for that week. That’s interesting. I may give that a try just to experiment. I know several old school bodybuilders that will do a large shot of HCG every couple months to “keep things working”. I don’t know if it has any real effect though but it’s interesting.