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Severe Shin Splints

When i do any cardio activity, it is always using the interval training method - 1 min high, 1 min low, 1 min high, etc etc. The past 6 months however, anytime I run, i get horrible shin splints. Horrible. I took about 2 months off from the treadmill (was using the stationary bike) and gave it a go again today - about halfway through a 20 minute sessions by shins flared up and by the end i was practically hobbling. Does anyone else suffer from this or can offer some advice/therapies/methods to reduce the discomfort? Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry to hear about your shin splints.
Basically, you are getting shin splints because your shin are not properly conditioned. For now try Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) to aid in their healing. After two weeks, start back by walking on real ground. Treadmills are good for somethings, but they don’t equal real running. Check some of the running websites and books for shin splint cures. Best of Luck.

A few months ago, I had 'em as bad as anybody. But 2 weeks ago I went and bought a real pair of running shoes. Cost me like 150 bucks, but it was worth it. The salesman looked at my walk, and gave me a bunch of options to try on.

He also said he throws his shoes away every 2 months because they get worn. I thought that was a little much seeing as how all I really do is sprint. He looked like he ran marathons.

Also, I do get a little pain after a really intense HIIT session. Nothing unbearable like it used to be, though. So I freeze a styrofoam cup filled with water, peel off a side and rub it on my shins… I alternate ice massage with a heating pad. Works wonders.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.