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Severe Quad Pain

This Monday i started my cycle of 500mgs per week of Sustanon, upon my first injection i shot into my left quad, i felt a twitch in my muscle and discomfort so i pulled the needle out and chose a different area near the upper outter region and all was well. During the week i felt a small dull ache in the twitched area but nothing major to raise concern. Then on Thursday i hit legs with no problems maintaining a decent workout. Woke up on friday with my quad swallen and in agony everytime i put pressure on it, still like that just now. Have any of you guys experienced something similar in my circumstances? any advice to stop the pain? i have done one cycle before of 500mgs of enanthate per week for 10 weeks about a year and a bit ago and i always shot quads with no problems. Thanks for the time guys