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Severe Pain, Day Following Pin

Greetings too all my fellow peeps! So, I have a quick question to ask. As I know there are most definite gurus from the things I have ready over the years.

First a little about myself. I’m 25yrs old(Im sure I’m about to get hounded, its ok:) ) I weigh 235lbs @ 15%BF. I have been actively weight lifting for 12yrs now. Strict workout regimen I follow, and I meal-prep the whole 9-yards. I have done numerous cycles in the past, and I have never had a single issue before. Just the normal after pain if it was strong. I’ve pinned in both delts, rectus lateralis, and glutes prior. So this isn’t anything new.

To make a long story short. I got 10 vials of Test E 400. All 10 are from the same batch number. However, there is inconsistency in color. 5 of them look perfect crystal clear, and the other 5 look a big darker in color. Not a lot darker, but enough to visually tell.

Now to the pinning. I used a darker vial for my first pin of 1.25cc into my left quad. Everything went perfectly fine, no issues. Swabbed vial before pull. Swapped pins before the injection so the needle was fresh. Swabbed the area with 2 pads to ensure cleanliness. Stretched skin, pinned the spot, aspirated, slowly injected gear, pulled out pin, released skin, and firmly massaged for 2 minutes after. The following day my left quad was pissed! Couldn’t barely walk, and looked like Dr. Frankenstein. There was no redness/swelling or fever to the area or myself. Infection was ruled out. This was a Saturday.

The following Tuesday. Despite the fact of prior pain, I did shot 2. Same vial, same 1.25cc. This time I pinned into my right quad. However, unfortunately this time I got an infection known as Cellulitis. That shit sucked. Still dealing with it actually right now and the antibiotics.

Yesterday, 11/24 I decided to try a different vial. Maybe it was something I did, not proper procedure how I do. This time I used the vial that looks clear and lighter in hue of color. I did my left and right glute this time, same 1.25cc split evenly in both sides. However, now my ass cheeks are extremely tender. However, no infectious signs. Now being a day later. Just sore.

Please tell me what you guys think? I am truly puzzled here. I apologize for the novel, but I wanted to be as detailed as I could be. Should I just say screw it and toss them all. Or, is it just genuinely going to be that painful? Like I said. It isn’t virgin muscle. Only about 8-months since my last pin in each area. If my glutes and quads are like this. No way in hell would I do a delt pin.

Thank you all in advance. I cannot wait to see what others think.

How’s you’re injection technique, if you practice proper injection protocals, (aspiration, alcohol swabbing, sterile conditions etc) and still got cellulitis toss the gear man, why on earth would you continue to pin it after developing a serious infection, cellulitis is serious shit, esp if it goes untreated, if I acquired cellulitis I’d stop using the gear from that source immidiately, either it isn’t sterile (provided you used proper techniques and sterile injection practices), or there’s something in there (solvent used) that you’re body seriously, SERIOUSLY disagrees with

@unreal24278 I appreciate that man. I discarded all 10. In the 8yrs I’ve been ordering from said source, not once have I had any issues. I appreciate the response once again.

You recommend aspirating ? Explain why please. I have read thru numerous things saying not to aspirate. My endo and his nurse even recommended not aspirating.