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Severe Pain Condition With Nerve and Muscle Wasting - Dr. Suggests Hormones

I have Arachnoiditis, one of the most painful conditions where your nerves are clumped and waste away. I have severe 10/10, bed-bound pain. My opiate dose is so high, that my Test was found to be almost 0. My dr started me on Test Cyp (100 mg/week), and it helped the depression a LOT, but I also now have acne craters. So, I decreased it to 50 mg/week. The anti-depressant/motivation effects aren’t as significant, but at least my face acne is a bit under control.

I have been reading a book on a world-renowned Arachnoiditis expert, and he suggests that I need to take a bunch of hormone supplements & AAS to help regenerate nerves. As of now, I am only on Test (every week), no post-cycle, HCG, or anything. Here is what the dr recommends to take, some of which I am taking. I will include the lab numbers as well.

I also must include that I have been taking massive doses of dexamethasone injections every day for the last few weeks to kill a flair that left my face feeling like it was peeling off. I started off at 8 mg dexamethasone for a week, then 4 for 3 days, then 2 for 3 days, now I’m on 1 for 3 days, then 0.5 for 3 days, then I’m off that shit.

  • Testosterone - taking 50 mg/week

    • Labs:
      • Test Total MS - 487 ng/dL - Normal, Ref range (250-1100)
      • Test Free - 105.8 pg/mL - Normal , Ref range (46-224)
  • Pregnenolone - taking 100 mg/day

    • Labs:
      • Pregnenolone, LC/MS - 587 ng/dL - High, Ref range (22-237)
  • DHEA -started taking 25 mg/day (*after labs were complete)

    • Labs:
      • DHEA Sulfate - 30 mcg/dL - Low, Ref Range (106-464)
  • Progesterone - not taking

    • Labs:
      • Progesterone - 5.1 ng/mL - High, Ref Range (<1.4)
  • Estradiol - not taking

    • Labs:
      • Estradiol - 32 pg/mL, Ref Range (< OR = 39) (the 32 is green, so it doesn’t color code as low, though it seems it is by the reference range)
  • HCG - not taking, no labs

  • HGH - not taking, no labs

  • Nandrolone - not taking, no labs

  • Other Labs (look good):

    • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - 20 nmol/L, Ref Range (10-50)
    • AST - 17 U / L, Ref Range (10-40)
    • ALT - 21 U / L, Ref Range (9-46)
    • PSA - 0.4 ng/mL, Ref Range (< OR = 4.0)


-How is my progesterone so high. Is it possible the dexamethasone increased the progesterone?

And mind you, I can barely move from my bed, so I won’t be doing any exercise at all. It could damage my back to move the wrong way from a spinal cord injury. But, my appetite is INSANE just from the Test, and I’ve gained some muscle. Maybe if I add the rest I will get to the point where my back can hold myself up?

I am very new to hormones and AAS in general, so any advice would be much appreciated. Also, what kind of Dr. would oversee all of this? It seems like a lot for a dr to prescribe.

Also, I’ve been on TRT for about 2 years on and off, and never use any PCT. What should I be using, and is it dangerous to take all this stuff?