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Severe Muscle Trauma

First off I am 23 and australian. I play rugby league and recently suffered an injury which same me taken off the field and directly to the hospital. In Australia, our health system is quite different to the American system. Basically I was taken to what’s referred to as a “public hospital”, emergency care was given then I was administered some pain relief and anti inflamitory medicine. I have a tear through my pec ( at the point near my armpit where the pec, front delt and biceps meet) with possible tendon/ ligament damage. I have very little ROM at the moment ( very limited lateral or posterior movement, next to no front raising or pushing).

So the question I am really asking is what methods could I use (ie. Supplementation, physio, remedial massage, etc) to get back to health, back in the gym and back on the field in the shortest time possible??

If any additional info could clear things up let me know and I’ll try to add it.