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Severe Muscle Spasms in Neck?

Ok I’m benching at my shitty basement bench because I cannot get to the gym. There is no head or neck rest more or less(insanely unergonomic build) and I have got no spotter. I’m pissed off and in one of those moods where I’m basically saying if you do not put this weight up 5 times for all 5 sets your a failure, so I’m on my last set get to 3 and I’m dying to rack it - no spotter mind you. Start grunting at myself and thinking about a certain pig police officer and tell myself if I rack this weight I’m losing to this pig. Needless to say I keep pushing when I hear something and a sharp pain.

I got my fucking 5x5.

Anyway I get up and cannot move my neck. Not the first time I couldn’t move my neck and thought it was just some lackadaisical cramp so I sleep on it. Go to bed and cannot for the life of me get out of bed for 2 hours. After talking to my girlfriend she finally convinces me to go to the doctor. I get there and I walk out with fucking motron… I cannot fucking get out of bed and they give me motron. God damnit I cannot stand the hospital. Anyway the said from the x-rays I have severe muscle spasms(thank god its not anything more serious). But despite my oldschool suck everything up attitude, I don’t think I can suck this one up. I cannot move my neck at all and moving anything is taxing and I’m in constant pain. I went to the hospital for the first time in my life, What the fuck am i supposed to do now. I can’t get out of bed for christ sake…

Edit: I shouldn’t blame the doctor because I told them my pain was a 5 out of 10… I told her however, “uhhh ten being I just got my arm hacked off… a 5”. Never mind its the sharpest most body destroying pain I’ve had in my life… I just cannot show pain in front of other people… But jesus fucking christ ill tell this computer I feel like all fucking hell is drilling into my back.

Id eat out an 80 year old broads dry ass smelly pussy for some help right about now.

I had a similar problem a few years back, only thing that helped was a chiropractor.

You probably thought of that, or have the same feeling with them as the doctors, but if you find a good one they can be priceless.

Anywhey, sounds like you went to a Navy medical center.

Broken arm? Water and motron.

Bronchitis? Water and motron.

Genital warts? Water and motron.

Fuck, I hate that shit.

Sounds quite serious I’d keep looking for a therapist familiar with athlete/ weight training, preferably ART qualified.
Have you tried alternating heat and ice?