Severe Muscle Cramps

I have been having a chronic cramping problem in my quadricep. I am a 400m runnner.

It is VERY local in the upper rectus femoris. Whenever my stride seems to deviate somewhat laterally the entire muscle tenses up and remains that way for over a week or so. The rest of it is normal as I said it is very local in a certain area. It is almost rock solid muscle tissue.

I currently am taking a multi vitamin with iron. Calcium Magnesium with Zinc, Vitamin D, and halibut liver oil tablets daily.

I would assume it may be a nutritional problem because it is a come and go sorta thing.

Lack of Potassium perhaps?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance.

Do you properly hydrate yourself? Do you warm up thoroughly?

I had a few players in the football season with the same problems. Once it cooled off it seemed to go away. They hydrated a ton with water, did lots of dynamic warm up, but still severe cramps that took them out of games. Funny as it may sound, lots of people on here and other coaches from other college teams said to drink pickle juice, they swear by it. The training staff also had drinks which by what name and brand I forget, that were made for severly dehydrated hospital patients that they would drink. At CVS or the grocery store you can also get drinks made for children with severe diarrea (sp) and dehydration. I do not know the mechanicms or ingredients by which they work or if they would be good in your application but might be worth asking. Pickle juice, bananas, water, gatorade and other companies have sodium powders for dehdration as well.