Severe Knee Pain 2 Days After Squatting

Hi guys,

I did Squats on Tuesday morning, it was my heaviest yet at 155lb (I weigh 135lb) for 3x5 sets.

Everything was fine until the next night (36 hours later). I was walking around my kitchen and left leg just buckled out. It was mild at first then it got worse fast… just out of nowhere. A very sharp pain around my knee cap.

I am unable to extend my leg left fully. The closer I get to full extension, a sharp pain starts to develop at the top of my knee cap and works its way down to the bottom of my knee cap. The pain doesn’t extend beyond that but it is very sore.

I have to walk with my left knee bent since last night and I am limping a bit on it in fear of that sharp pain coming back around my knee.
I have used ice packs and heat compress and currently have an ice pack on right now.

Does anyone have any idea what this is?

I thought it could be a meniscus tear but I was told that I would usually have felt a tear right away during the squat or w/e. I have done nothing else since to aggravate it.

I am squatting twice a week (3x5), foam rolling loads, and my form is usually good (I do believe my form for my last set on monday wasn’t the best however).

I rang a few physios but I am unable to see any of them until a few days time as they are all fully booked.

Any help GREATLY appreciated!