Severe Issues with Dosage or Lack Thereof

Hello to everyone.

So my story goes as following, I’ve been on TRT for quite some time, since I was 19, it was under doc.

First we started with: 250mg of test/week without AI, it was honestly bad and I felt bad. Lab said: 1330 ng/dl total test, 90 pg/ml E2
Then we went to: 125mg without any AI, it was just as bad. Lab said: 600 ng/dl total test, 60 pg/ml of E2

Then I decided to leave out the doc and start going with underground stuff:

I did as following:
125mg of test cyp with 1/4 tab of aromasin 2 x week, it was better, but still bad, lab said: 800 ng/dl Total Test and 40 ng/dl of E2

Then I did:
100mg of test cyp with 1/4 tab of aromasin 2 x week, same as above

Then I switched the labs of cypionate and did:
80/100mg of cyp with only 1/4 tab of aromasin a week, except I didn’t do labs here, because I was so happy to finally feel great

And it was great: my sex life was very great, I got hard from simple touch from my gf, sex was also great.

But then: I switched to another lab of test

80/100mg of test cyp a week + 1/4 of aromasin after injection and everything came back to the previous state, I became impotent again. I have a literal limp penis, no desire for sex, nothing, I felt like before.

My question here is. Was the testosterone that I used, when I felt great fake? Is one small dose of Aromasin a week all I need? Perhaps I’m simply having issues with E2, not with low Testosterone. Because each dose of testosterone and AI I tried, ends up in my sexual and energic failure.

Is it really possible that I can stay without TRT with just Aromasin once a week? I know my post is chaotic, it is, because I’m at loss here. I sincerely ask for your help and answer.

Not to be “that guy” but it’s going to be very hard for the guys who really know what they’re doing to help you out without having the lab results numbers to go on.

Bouncing around protocols without having labs verify the changes it makes to your system is like playing darts in a pitch-black room.


Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a protein synthesized in the liver and secreted into the bloodstream where fulfills its biological function, which is the transport of sex steroids hormones. Therefore, SHBG levels emerge as one of the most critical parameters that are implied in regulating the access of these hormones to their target tissues, where it can even regulate testosterone action.

You need this test in order to be able to choose the appropriate protocol, weekly dosing doesn’t work for everyone and can causes levels to swing, especially those having problems controlling estrogen. This is one of the reason I inject daily and there are other reasons, I just feel better doing it.

If your SHBG is on the lower end, weekly dosing will likely never work. There are some who over-respond to AI’s and simply shouldn’t touch the stuff as it only causes problems, your only recourse is to increase injection frequencies and inject smaller doses.

What does feeling bad mean? If it’s fatigue or something like that have you tried getting thyroid tested? I know testosterone brought out thyroid issues in me that I didn’t have to deal with before T. Same thing with iron. Go to discountlabs dot com and search for fatigue panel and that’ll give you a list of labs to get that you can take to your doc.

I think a better list of your symptoms would help. I chased E2 just like you are doing and realized it was something else.

I’ve been on TRT for three years now, if not more. It isn’t just that I hopped around on dosages from week to week, but more like from few months to few months.

Every dosage had me feeling:

brain fog
i had coughs
literally no libido
limpy and watery pseudo erection
sometimes no erections at all
red face
oily sweat

Every dosage except:

"Then I switched the labs of cypionate and did:
80/100mg of cyp with only 1/4 tab of aromasin a week, except I didn’t do labs here, because I was so happy to finally feel great

And it was great: my sex life was very great, I got hard from simple touch from my gf, sex was also great."

But then when this testosterone runned out, I switched to another leb with same dosage and it all went crashing down.

So that’s why I asked, is it possible that TRT isn’t necessary for me? And maybe I just have Estrogen issues in general.

I really doubt the t was fake when you felt great. If you felt bad with other stuff that was real I would imagine you would crash and feel even worse on “fake”.

Again though, without labs for where you are currently no one really will be able to help much.

When you say 80/100mg a week is the 80 one injection and 100 another in the same week split up?

You’re not going to get any answers without lab testing, we can sit here all day and guess maybe it’s this or maybe it’s that… You could have other issues like low thyroid hormones or mineral deficiencies and without lab testing makes it impossible to know what is causing your issues.

You’ll notice other threads have labs, yours doesn’t, you’re lost without lab testing.

You could try more frequent dosing, this usually resolves most issues.

Nah, it was 80 to 100mg range on Monday and 1/4 of Aromasin tablet same day. Nothing more, nothing less.

Are thyroid or vitamin/mineral problems really causing obvious high E2 symptoms though? Limpy, watery penis is an obvious high E2 sign.

You bet it would, Free T3 drives organ function including the liver which must excrete estrogen, if Free T3 is low you’re entire metabolism is slow. Most doctors are alright with low thyroid numbers because they don’t know any better, they believe in range is normal and then we find out the ranges aren’t even normal and are contaminated with sick people.

The second generation TSH test confused to matter, when third generation TSH tests came out and when compared with the previous testing, it was found many included in the group had hypothyroidism.

When reference ranges change here in the US, it takes other countries decades to follow suite because there is no evolution of medicine outside the US, other counties are always lagging behind. There are some counties still going off old TSH ranges for 20 years ago who will not treat your thyroid until TSH is 10>.

I appreciate your input. But I don’t think my metabolism is slow. I can eat like a pig and be hungry an hour later, not gaining any fat in the process. I can drown myself in liters of alcohol and it’s out of my system in less than few hours.

From what I remember, last time I did Thyroid panel, everything was fine. So, I’m either an over responder to testosterone or have aromatization. issues in general. Maybe the testosterone that I was injecting when I felt fine, was underdosed, and instead of injecting 80/100mg like I was thinking, I injected something like 50/60? I’m seriously at loss.

Thank you for all of your help. Won’t bother you much longer.

If you have aromatization issues you could try splitting your dosage to twice a week if you are only pinning once a week. Get your self some labs and see where your at.

Personally I think your inconsistent dosing is not helping things either. Not sure why you are varying so much, but 20mg is a large difference between pins. Verify your dosing correctly and be more precise with each pin so that you can stabilize