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Severe Injection Pain

I am into my third day of the worst injection pain in both glutes. I was going out of town so I did 3 cc’s Test E in my left and 3 cc’s Primo in my right and now I can’t sit or bend my legs to put socks or shoes on. I have had minor pain with Sus before but nothing that compares to this.

Could something else have gone wrong? The only thing that is bearable is laying flat on my back. I can walk alright but this pain shoots down my legs and into my groin. Please help with suggestions or when will it ease? TIA

It will ease over time as oil disperses into the muscles.

What size pin did you use to inject and what lenght? Type of gear?

I know people say that your glutes can take 3 cc’s… but I’ll tell ya what… it’s not fun.

The best thing you probably could have done was actually do 4 injections, all of 1.5 cc’s.

What size pin did you use?

My gear is British Dragon for most excpet the Test E is from Iran. My needles are 20g and I have done 3 cc’s several times without this kind of pain. I was wondering if I injected too low on the glutes? Today is better but still not near normal.

20 gauge needles may be a little big. Maybe try a different gauge

You’ve previously done 3cc of the exact same gear with the same gauge needles into your glutes, with no problem? Something must have been different this time.

No, I have never done 3 cc’s of each gear in that way but
I have done 3 cc’s with different combos in those pins before. I won’t do it again and I still think I was too low on the glutes. All my supplier had were 20g but I am going to look for some smaller ones. It is about 80% normal today.

[quote]mussellhead wrote:
My needles are 20g and I have done 3 cc’s several times without this kind of pain. I was wondering if I injected too low on the glutes? Today is better but still not near normal.[/quote]

You are nuts to use a larger needle than needed. The larger needle can ‘core’ out rubber and inject that into you body. The larger needle creates more scarring of the skin and muscle. There will be more bleeding too, much of that will be internal. If you hit a blood vessel, the damage will be greater.

“injected too low”

If you are not mapping out your injection location carefully, you are at risk of getting near or hitting nerves and larger blood vessels. Get a plastic tube or pen cap and standing in sight of a mirror, map out the location carefully and press the the tube to mark the skin. You can swab that area and the target remains clearly marked.

I think that you injected in the wrong area. There can be some severe consequences of sticking a needle in the wrong spot! Injecting should not be Russian Roulette.

Thank you for your input. I think you are correct. I ordered some smaller pins today. I do remember quite a bit of blood from my left glute and it is the sorest. I never had issues until these larger pins and I guess I was sloppy on the injection site.

I will be much more careful from now on. Complacency is very painful and scared the hell out of me. Thanks again.

20g needle is a goddamn harpoon your first few injections. After that it is not too bad, but youll feel like youre crippled after your first few times. I tried that for a while since you can empty the syringe real fast, but I have discovered your vest bet is to use a 25g needle intead.

Im also curious to the length. Im gonna guess its only 1 inch. My body would hurt just looking at that pin thinking about injecting 2-3 ccs.

No, they were 20g and 3cc’s and 1.5". I just received some 22 g 3cc’s and 1.5" and I am more careful about the spot. The pain is about 90% gone but that was painful and scary. I really thought I was going to have to see the Dr. Except for the few times I have done Sus I have rarely had site pain. Thanks for the responses. Hopefully it will help other also.

I have done 2.5 CC of various oils in delts,quads and ocassionally the glutes, all done w/ 25 G pin. You definitely get a MAN UP award for using a 20 G !

It could be fake gear. It could be you didn’t use a clean syringe either way find a doctor to get you some antibiotics. Especialy if there’s a lump that is getting bigger.