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Severe headaches-sickness

Hi I need your help. Heres my stor. I went out last Saturday and got quite drunk. My friend was smoking a joint, and passed it to me, I don’t normally smoke this stuff at all, and it totally wiped me out. My head was feeling very heavy and I felt sick. The next day I was feeling very horny and had sex a couple of times with my girlfriend and jerked off about 6 times. The last time I ejacilated that day I got severe headaches and felt sick, started vomiting. I felt sick the next day and went to see my doctor. He said I’ve got tonsilitis. But every time I have sex or jerk off I get really sharp headaches and feel like vomiting. It’s a bit embarresing telling this to my doctor so I was wondering if anyone could help?


I don’t know about the headaches, which don’t sound like fun, but you’re bound to go blind and end up with hairy hands at the rate you’re going!

How the hell can you jerk off 6 time in one day? Talk about raw.

yeah, it gets raw. i jack off 5 times a day if i drop out of training, but it chafes like a bitch cuz i never get around to getting lube. hell, i still jack off twice a day if i only do one training sesh a day.
but back on topic, just see your doc., cuz that doesnt sound like the kinda shit you wanna wait to progress to something worse…

Having an orgasm is intense, and causes your hear rate to go up, etc. It could be if your really sick (with tonsilitis or whatever) your body doesn’t like this extra exertion, hence the headache, etc. I’d see your doc just in case though.

Ha ha - yeah you might want to take it easy on the monkey spanking - I’ve had the same kind of headaches before - it’s as if I’m concentrating too hard and I start to get a really bad headache. If you take a break and go back at it the headache should go away. If not put the bat back in your pants and back away from the lube.

check this out: I was working on my chest, the regular routine, but at the vey end I decide to do cable crosses, after my secound set,something happen. This pain from my lower left side of my neck around my shoulder to the front of my head by the temple felt like an alien wanted to come out, like I was giving birth to something, I let go the cables and sat down. after awhile it went away, needless to say to was shitting in my pants, I already lost a cousin while he was working out, popped a blood vessel in his brain, so I was woried, but nothing, ok real quick now, that night and after for about a week and a half I banged my girlfriend twice or three times a day and jerk off for about four to six times a day as well, great stree relief, but I always done this but after that incident in the gym I was experience that same fucking pain, right after I blew my load, FUCK!!!1that sucks, after the seeing the sorebones, fuck him and his medication, I went to see an acupuncture, after the first seesion, it was a little wierd at first but the real test, bang the girlfriend, very little pain, compared, then a week later another seesion, bang the gf and jerked off, nothing! In two weeks I went for four more session all the pain gone!, bang the gf jerk off, and do the fucking cable crosses with out any pain, so dude check it out, what the fuck do you have to loose, it cost about 50 bucks a session, good luck man

And I thought I had issues. You cats are fucked up.

First, why not just fuck your girlfriend more, and give your hand a rest? Second, it sounds like the headaches are related to heart rate.
See your doc. Maybe you are developing cluster or migraines.

When I blow my load I feel light headed to. The fact that you are sick, adds to the problem. Better hope you are not dehydrated either. Stop whacking off.