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Severe Diverticulitis


I was just diagnosed with "severe" diverticulitis. I am getting conflicting advice from both the medical profession and from the research I am doing on my own. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and what you are doing to treat it.

The pain has subsided but I am trying to avoid any more relapses. There was talk of surgery if flare ups continue. I also was curious to see if anyone made any particular adaptations to their training because of it.

Thanks in advance for any info.


I had to have surgery. Not fun, but I think it saved my life. As far as treatment, like you I got conflicting info. The one thing I got from all the info is: IF you can stand a high fiber diet do so. I could not. For me everything they said to eat caused a flare up. Well to be fair it got to where everything caused a flare up.

The skin on Pinto beans, the tiny seads on Black berry jam, Bananas, I really couldnt eat much of anything. And if yous is severe, you may be in the same boat. My advice: dont wait till it ruptures. At that point Im pretty sure your looking at a colostomy. Not good.


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Aloe vera to reduce intestinal inflammation?


I just started working with a nutritionist and I am to take that along with some digestive enzimes / probiotics. This is week one so I’m guessing I will know well it works after a few days.

Definately do not want surgery but if it is going to happen, rather do it now when I’m 50 instead of wait till I’m older.


Well, there is one more thing: dont get backed up, if you know what I mean.


Some surgery for diverticulitis can be done laparoscopically, where the incisions through the abdominal wall are relatively small. Even if not available in your area, it is available at the Mayo Clinic.

Diverticulitis is inflammation of a pouch formed off of the intestines; more common in the elderly but can occur in younger folks. It is a physical tissue weakness similar to a hernia, and the inflammation may recur and even perforate into the intestinal cavity.

Even the laparoscopic version of the surgery is “major” abdominal surgery, and younger folks tolerate the stress better than older. If you can get the surgery now, from a clinic that is SKILLED in doing it, the results may be better than emergency surgery when you’re less vital. In general, surgeries seem to be more successful when the surgeon does a lot of that type of operation, and this is a moment when you get to choose your hospital and surgeon, rather than waiting for an emergency. Good luck!


My mother had the surgery and is thankful she did. She also got conflicting info, b/c the doctors were quacks. My wife and sister got her hooked up with a good outcome. Even with the low residue diet, she would still get infections. I don’t know enough to really weigh an opinion except for, it won’t clear up. It eventually has to be resectioned.