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Severe Calorie-Restricted Keto MRP Diet


"Severe calorie restricted ketogenic MRP diets"... because I don't want to upset Shugart by calling it the Velocity Diet =]

Simple question really... I am going to be going through a period of fat loss soon using the Velocity Diet as a rough outline with regards to the training and the calorific requirements. The only major difference will be using a different source of protein other then Metabolic Drive.

The reason is simple... in the UK the cheapest I have found is going for £30... for 12 tubs of the stuff I will be looking at £360... over $700! just for the the 4 weeks + 2 week taper off period! And thats not including the £30 ($60) each for Surge, HOT-ROX Extreme, etc.

I know the fact I will not be using Metabolic Drive means it will no longer be the Velocity Diet... but that does not matter to me - I am happy with cutting calories, carbs whilst keeping protein and fat high.

The product I am looking at using in place of Metabolic Drive is Reflex Nutrition Peptide Fusion:
www.musclefinesse.com/reflex-peptide-fusion.aspx (random link off google)

Just curious if this supplement will be adequate to provide me protein on such a diet... I know some idiots have tried to use pure whey supplements before and failed horribly.

Thank you for your time.


Try it and see what happens.

Is it really essential that you go on this kind of diet though?


Not essential - but then not many things are.

I used to train and eat very well... but a new job about 7 months ago combined with some horrific relationship problems has destroyed me... I havent eaten well and trained hard/consistently for months.

I had tried a couple of times to get back into a routine but both failed horribly before the week was over due to stupid food choices, fatigue from work in general and the such.

Ive drifted up to something around about 15-16% bf at approx 185-190lbs... =/

I will be going to university soon in late september and I would like to turn up not looking like some fat, weak, blubbery mess of a man.

My current thinking is to bust out this (not v-) diet, use a slightly extended taper off period (3 weeks instead of 2) whilst I bring myself up to maintenance. From this point I will be looking more at G-flux to lean up... making use of training plans similar to CT's war room article. After 4-6 weeks at maintenance I will re-evaluate where I am and then look to see whether further fat loss is required or if I can start building myself up again (by this point I will be happily starting university).


Go for it then bro! That protein looks really good avtually!


I'm all for dieting to get better looking naked; but I think that at your heigh/weight.....you will regret doing a diet like this. you will get lean; yes. but you will also get very skinny and probably weaker then you'd like.

maybe you need something to occupy your mind due to whats happening in your life; but in the long run....dropping a ton of weight at 190lbs and just under 6 feet is going to leave you very small.

i'm speaking from experience. i'm 6'-1" and about 2.5yrs ago i was 190 and cut down to 168....i was at about 9% and was REALLY weak. i hated it; i hated that i did it to myself.

see more then the next few weeks; see the long term effects of the choices your considering.

girls like strong guys more then twigs (unless your Emo)

good luck either way man.


Goog call actually B rock I didnt know his hight! It might be wise to just eat clean at maintnance for a while and see how that works while lifting heavy?....just a thought


Honestly, some people don't care how much muscle they have and would rather just look shredded. I'm a prime example. I really could care less how big my muscles are. It's true that the less BF percentage you are, the bigger your muscles look anyway. If I was say 4% BF I'd look huge at 5'8 160 lbs. Instead I just look like I work out heavy, which I do, but it's not the look i'm going for. Let people do what they desire.


So your going for that brad pitt fight club look? Its a good look if thats what your after, however its VERY hard to sustain! On a side note Brad Pitt is 6 feet tall and was 155-160 in that movie so thats sumthing to think about