Severe Body Acne

I carelessly used some DHEA, in summer of 2011, finding out it was on a banned substance list thinking it must be good stuff. I stopped using it within a couple of months as I gradually went up to 100mg of it and found out I started breaking out pretty bad on my chest and back. Oddly enough, I’d figure the acne would go away eventually, it hasn’t.

However, both my parents had cases of severe body acne and being that I grew up with severe facial acne, I guess I kind of learned to accept it. I’m almost perfectly clear of facial acne,using benzyl peroxide 2.5% and aha+ from

Rather than just trying to hide the problem with topical treatments, I figure some type of oral treatment/antibiotics is the solution to address the problem inside my body that causes me to breakout.

I haven’t made an appointment for a dermatologist, but will go in tomorrow to try and get something done. I’ve browsed through forums on here advising that accutane should be a last resort. Some people agreed on doxycycline and tetracycline.

What other treatments should I avoid or be open to?

Maybe a blood test can help determine what could be the most optimal treatment for me?

I’ve been under the influence to seek out a functional medicine practitioner for other issues, should I seek out a dermatologist who only practices functional medicine?

As you can see, Im pretty damn ignorant when it comes to visits to a doctor, barely ever see a doctor.

Any thoughts/input is greatly appreciated!

What does your diet look like?

Sometimes when foods are eaten that the body finds toxic it will try to rid them through the skin - this is essentially what acne is.

Other factors that contribute to severe acne are age, hormones, stress levels, and genetics.

I agree that you should find a better way to treat it than just trying to cover it up or rid it through drugs which cause other problems. Cleaning up your diet (if necessary) is free and won’t require a doctor’s permission.

Well, I know a few guys who swear by Nizoral, but I should note - this was used to treat acne induced by AAS. It should still work for normal acne, as far as I know. But don’t quote me on that, maybe Google around a little bit about it?

Im pretty damn strict/clean when it comes to diet. Lots of Chicken breast

In addition lots of broccoli. Clean carbs like organic volcanic rice, lentils, brown rice pasta.
Supplements like lots of fish oil, vitd. No milk, try to avoid wheat as well as much as possible, rarely ever eat wheat/gluten. Dont eat any fruit. Been starting to drink water with lime squeezed into it everday, not really seeing a major effect from it, yet.
I think my main factor is genetic, my mother told me that my grandfather used to go to the doctor to get some of his cystic acne surgically removes

Nizoral, okay will definitely do some thorough research

This damn doctor shit, Im figuring out that I have to see my old “primary physician”, this stamp collector was acting all dushy when I was trying to get some blood test done for my magnesium and zinc levels via red blood cells instead of the typical serum. I wonder if I can just call the office to get my primary physician switched to a much closer doctor who studys functional medicine.

Thanks guys

I believe Acne is Diet related…look at tribal people…They shower way less than us and do not use topical treatments like we do, yet they have no acne issues at all.

These following things eliminated all of my acne issues many years ago:

Cut out all dairy except Greek yogurt and whey
Cut out all sugar besides whole fruit if you eat it
Cut out all bread/wheat products except trader joes rolled oats or oats that state gluten free
Cut out every diet soda
Cut out all caffeine

Eat all whole foods and not processed shit
EAt avocado, lots of it!! Like 1/2 of one a day.
Cook with seasonings like garlic, pepper, etc… And /hot sauces(tapatio)…not bottled sweet sauces or sugary BBQ sauces, etc…
Eat 1 serving of raw spinach daily
Drink 1 whole lemon sqeezed/juiced with water upon first waking up or in between meals
Drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 20oz water sipped throughout the day
Drink lots of water…at least a gallon a day
sleep at least 7-8hrs a day

This should help greatly!

Best of luck

And this following thing eliminated all of my acne issues 3 months ago.