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Severe Bloating Day After Workout


Yesterday I tried something new that was suggested to me after working out. 30 minutes after my lower body workout, I took my usual 40 gram protein shake, with the addition of 2tbsp of sugar (insulin spike was the goal) in it. Fast forward to today and I look incredibly bloated/swollen in my core, and the tape says it's a full .75" more around my waist than it was yesterday morning.

This is the same workout and diet I've been doing for a few months with very predictable results. My question is, is this normal with the post workout meal changes, and if so, are there any ways to counteract these effects?


go number 2




No awesome way to put this, so I'll just say regularity hasn't been an issue today...


IMO 24g of empty carbs just represents too much education and not enough common sense. try a little box of organic raisins instead.


About 100 cals of sugar isn't going to be a difference-maker in one day.


To quote...

No awesome way to put this, so I'll just point out that maybe you should check your calendar?