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Severe Back Pain



I am male 21.
I have back and neck pain mostly on left side near hip and under scapula

When i walk i lose sighnt sometimes with smal movements and lose conciousnes for a smal time 0.01 second its barely noticeable

leg weakness out of the sudden when pain started my legs got 3 times weaker and i cannot pee easyly its very difficult
I have Erection dysfunction.Used to have no problem with it before injury.
Unexplained weight loss accompanied by pain and neurological impairment
severe low back pain such that cannot stand straight My body leans to the left.
always have sore troath can barely speak
I get smal paralizes sometimes Shakes in my neck and back and sometimes lose conciousnes for a second or les i almost have no feeling in my legs and feet or hands.
I can stand up straight but it doesnt feel naturel standing bent in knees feels naturel

I have dificulty breathing and my heart rate spikes fast.

I can barely walk stairs when im very fit and i can barely walk i get Extreme severe Cramps in my back legs and calfs

When it happen my spine was almost resting on my hips to left side and it looked very scary
I was in alot of Pain and i have a super high pain stressholder.

Hey i have this can annyone help please? I copy and pasted this because my english is not so good

PLease help i have this for 4years now and doctors cannot see whats wrong…

When i just stardet my squat was 100kilo Deep for reps and i weighted around 55kilo i was very explosive and now I weight 83kilo and my squat is at 130kilos 4Years later training in a good progressive way. im way les explosive then what i use tobe i feel always slow and fatigued i had losed unconciousnes In the first year alot of times 20times+ a day for a few seconds i just walk and all sudden lose sight get headache

Ive been a reader from t nation for a time 3years now and i hope theres someone who can give me advice doctors think im craze and complaining.

I dont want say all this i need help.

I have 4 years training experience…

My english is not good a picture on my back you can see its very misformed it was way worse my spine was almost on my Left hip alot of pain…

See some one else who can figure out, looks serious

Hey thank you for reply 500 people saw this and dint reply you first one Yes its very serious doctor do not help me they dont try to find out just give pain meds or Say they cannot help or cant see what wrong… i Hope someone with knowledge here can guide me.

I have Insane cramps in hole my body standing half sitting feels naturel Legs always shake extreme cramp in Hamstring and calf quads and hands cramp really bad wil wait for replys my legs was always Huge endurance now i can barely walk slow i stil workout tough.

The first thing I would try if I were you is to stop working out and see if that stops things. I would also see a specialist/neurologist + I would want to get screened for tumors. I would also find out if you have scoliosis. Not trying to scare you but you should go to a better doctor.

Also if you’re on any meds, check the list of side effects for each one. I dated a girl that was on an SSRI when she was younger and it gave her severe neck spasms on her left side to the point where it permanently damaged her spine. People look at known side effects for meds and think “that happens to other people but won’t happen to me”.

Thank you magnetic good reply scoilisis might be it but its weird since got it from a injury with deadlift… no its okay youre not scaring me you give good advice im not on anny medications… and i never take meds so that cant be it yes med side effects can be nasty sorry to hear aboout the girl you dated. i dont know what is wrong spine was litterly almost on my Left hip side like i was doing a ab excerside Side bent… It hurted real bad and i stil feel everyday on left side pain under scapula above left hip i could not shake someones hand… i had to shake a person i know hand i could not do it i remember it was on right side. my arm was paralyzed. i wish a doctor would help me but its always the same they meet with me Send me to a scan for whatever and you need like 1000scans to get to all the options… that might be it… and they give you one scan 1 month or each halfyear…in that time i be 80 lol… and each scan is expneisve like 300-500euros… normaly i woulnd share my info like this but i just want to fix it

il even pay the person that knows what i have 500euros im not rich but fixing this means everything to me… im man of my word…

Maybe it helps to know when i just stardet training i did 100kilo on my neck instead of Back muscle for 1year long… but the injury was because of deadlift with a rounded back to explosive…

Where do you live? If the doctors there aren’t helpful i’m sure you can find some good clinics in USA who might help, maybe send them a message and your scans, but you’d prob have to show up personally for treatment

I live in netherlands and usa is way to far for me. Thank you for reply!

There is a Dr. Julian Whitaker MD who has a clinic out in California. Cash only, does not take any insurances that I know of. Does miracles with pain among other things.
I hope to being out to see him sometime in the next year, the guy is a genius.

Your symptoms sound serious and could indicate a number of possible conditions. I can’t imagine that your doctor(s) in the Netherlands don’t take you serious or wouldn’t refer you. This all sounds very strange to me. Pretty much every Dutch health practitioner would take this serious.

Every Dutch person has mandatory health insurance, so wtf are you talking about with 500 euro scans? Are you a tourist or illegal alien there?
I don’t know where you got the idea that you would need a 1000 scans, it’s nonsense.
BTW, your English is horrible for a Dutch person. English is part of every Dutch’s citizens education. What’s going on here?

If you have to pay a specialist out of pocket because you don’t have health insurance it’s probably cheapest for you to see a manual therapist (that’s a physical therapist with a 4 year specialization). Most of those have a neurological based background so make sure to ask about that when you make an appointment (it depends on where they did their specialization).

Where do you live in the Netherlands?


“When i walk i lose sighnt sometimes with smal movements and lose conciousnes for a smal time 0.01 second its barely noticeable.”

This sounds like withdrawal from Tramadol or SSRIs (antidepressants), both of which are prescribed for pain. I have the exact same symptom when I stop Tramadol. Some people describe it as “electric shocks” but to me it just feels like a tiny loss of consciousness when I walk or move my head/eyes. Is this possible based on the pain medicine you have been taking? If so, it is harmless.

Ok bro…Wow, you sound like me. Let me give you some background so I can help you take the steps needed to fix your problems.

  1. I was an avid athlete and bodybuilder.

  2. I was in the ARMY Special Forces, and by no means a stranger to pain

  3. I was involved in a mission that went horribly wrong in which I was left with a broken back and neck.

  4. I am in a lot of pain but I have made about an 85% recovery through healthy living, fitness, rehabilitation, and surgery.

  5. I’ve been through multiple Doctors, pain clinics, surgeons, and supposed "specialistsâ??

  6. I have had all of your symptoms at one time or another.

  7. Opinions are like assholesâ?¦everyone has one and they all stink. Research, research, and more research led me to finally take the appropriate and correct steps.

All of your symptoms are most likely a caused from spinal cord injury, or nerve damage. A spinal cord injury is an injury to the spinal cord resulting in a change, either temporary or permanent, in the cord’s normal motor, sensory, or autonomic function. Common causes of damage are trauma (car accident, gunshot, falls, sports injuries, etc.) or disease (transverse myelitis, polio, spina bifida, Friedreich’s ataxia, etc.). The spinal cord does not have to be severed in order for a loss of function to occur. Depending on where the spinal cord and nerve roots are damaged, the symptoms can vary widely, from pain to paralysis to incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. Spinal cord injuries are described at various levels of “incomplete”, which can vary from having no effect on the patient to a “complete” injury which means a total loss of function.

Treatment of spinal cord injuries starts with restraining the spine and controlling inflammation to prevent further damage. The actual treatment can vary widely depending on the location and extent of the injury. In many cases, spinal cord injuries require substantial physical therapy and rehabilitation, especially if the patient’s injury interferes with activities of daily life.

Damage to the root nerves of the spinal cord is considered a spinal cord injury as well. So letâ??s work out some steps for you to seek appropriate medical care.

  1. You need a differential diagnosis. Why and from who? The why is obvious; you present multiple neurological symptoms that are interfering with your ability to live and pursue a happy, and pain free existence. The exploration of the â??whyâ?? in your diagnosis will open the â??howâ?? to get it fixed. The spine is not an area where you want your local clinician poking around and recommending therapies that may further induce injury.

a) So, that leaves us with the who? Who you need to see is partially determined by the mass of symptoms you exhibit. Whereas we donâ??t focus on one specific symptom, but the grouping of all of your symptoms into categories in which the characterization of your symptoms is narrowed down to a cause and effect rationality.

b) You are exhibiting three types of symptoms. Neurological, muscular skeletal, and pain. The obvious issue is: Well who do I see then? The answer lies in the most logical question: What category do all of these symptoms represent? The answer is neurological. Thus you need to locate an expert in Neurology?

c) Now, you may very well have skeletal issues as well, but a neurologist will be able to identify that issue too in the hunt for your injury. Your goal is to start by targeting the worst and most debilitating symptoms first, and move on from there.

  1. You have two options in the Neurology field when it comes to your presentation of symptoms.

a) Neurologist
b) Neurosurgeon

Now because we donâ??t ever want to rush anyone into a surgical setting, or opinion, without exploring other alternatives first, a neurologist is your first and most logical choice. Based on his/her findingsâ??, you can be sent to a neurosurgeon for later treatment if necessary. Before I was diagnosed, on the path to rehabilitation, and treated properly, I saw every specialist known to mankind.

I have had all of your symptoms, and it was only through working with a Neurologist, and Neurosurgeon, that I was able to get a correct diagnosis and move forward with treatment. Before that I had literally tried everything, and was told â??there is nothing we can doâ??, â??if we touch you, youâ??ll be paralyzedâ??. However, I was already in a wheelchair, and wasnâ??t content on sitting in it for the rest of my life without trying every last option.

  1. It has become apparent to me that you may be limiting yourself from help because of finances. I too had struggles. My disability hadnâ??t been approved, and Tri-Care only covered shitty Veterans Administration specialist hacks. So I went outside of my network and found people who could help me. I filed bankruptcy 5 years later from medical bills, but it was worth it. I could walk, and live a relatively normal life. My advice is to do whatever it takes. You are only 21, and have a whole life ahead of you. DO NOT LIVE THIS WAY IF YOU CAN REMEDY YOU CONDITION! I sat around for 5 years, and wasted half of my 30â??s bound to a wheelchair and cane; lying at home depressed and wacked out on narcoticsâ?¦. praying that God would lay down upon me a great miracle with no effort on my part. AND I REGRETED EVERY MINUTE! I finally got over myself and fought for a comeback, and I did it!

  2. You stated you are not on any medications. Until you find out what is wrong; KEEP IT THAT WAY! Medications often mask the issues, and do not treat the underlying condition. Most of them have horrible side effects anyway. And if you can deal with the pain from your injury and not use narcotics, then I recommend not taking them even if an expert offers them for relief. That is a slippery slope when dealing with a debilitating injury. It starts out great, but often times ends catastrophically. That in itself is a whole other topic, but I just want to give you a friendly heads up as Iâ??ve traversed both spectrums.

  3. Finally, I am not a Doctor. I can only offer what I know from the experiences Iâ??ve been through. I am not an expert, nor do I claim to know all the answers. My advice comes from the heart because I understand the agony you are going through. I am not here to judge, scold, or push you in any direct. I am simply here to be a conduit of information so that you may set your health compass, and gravitate in the right direction. It is my hope that I have helped you in some wayâ?¦even if my words just encourage you to continue the pursuit in eradicating you disability. I wish you the best.


@ Lincoln, OP lives in the Netherlands, which has a very different health care system than the US. I’m very familiar with it. Everybody has mandatory (and affordable) health insurance and nobody would have to go into bankruptcy to get care (even long term care is available for everyone). There should be no drama involved for OP to get the proper care.

It sounds like OP has problems of a neurological nature and probably is best of with seeing a neurologist. However, he would need a referral from a GP (huisarts, family physician) for that. OP stated that doctors think he’s crazy and complaining, so this is likely his GP (my assumption) but maybe also a neurologist that he has already been referred to.
I know from experience, having worked with plenty doc’s in the Netherlands, that a few of them can be completely backward, stubborn, arrogant and unknowledgeable morons with a tendency to put blame on the patient if they can’t figure shit out themselves (I may sound a bit frustrated here, but I’m not making shit up). God forbid that they would have to acknowledge that they don’t know something.

Now, if OP wants a (another?) referral for a neurologist he could just bug his GP about it until he got one (his GP is legally obliged to see him every time OP makes an appointment, so shouldn’t take too long to get a referral :)). However, I think OP would be better of by getting a referral through a manual therapist. He could see a manual therapist without a GP referral and even if he had to pay out of pocket it would only cost him about 50 euro’s for a 20+ minute consultation (much better than the 5 min with his GP). A manual therapist is a physical therapist with an extra 4 year education. If they had their education at the SOMT, which OP can inquire about when he calls for an appointment, then that manual therapist has a solid neuroscience basis. They would be far more knowledgeable and experienced than any GP in regards to OP’s problems and they could get OP a referral to a neurologist if they would think it necessary. Bonus would be that it could also be a referral to a recommended neurologist that the manual therapist has good experience/ rapport with.

I prefer not to personally recommend anybody. I value my friends and former colleagues privacy’s and I certainly don’t want to saddle them with a potential nutcase where they are forced into a social worker’s roll. May sound harsh but it feels irresponsible if I would, sorry. I really don’t mean any offense OP but I haven’t met you in person and you story doesn’t make sense to me in some places (which could just be me).

I always thought the Dutch doctors were pretty good (even to a foreigner) when I lived there. Assuming the OP is not a little nuts ( and I don’t mean that as an insult or to diminish what you are suffering from. Even if it is mental it’s still causing issues and ought to be addressed by his doctor.).

But any doctor is bound by the things that he knows and runs across through practice or study. There are situations where people have issues that look like one thing but are really based on something else. I’m thinking of situations where what is an infection of the spinal fluid looks like something completely different. I’m not a doctor but that example is based on an article I read.

Not saying it’s your case. Just that when nothing seems to be working you have to find doctors willing to think " outside the box". I agree with above. Keep pushing to see others increases your chances of finding that different perspective.

ey lincoln thanks alot! i cant thank you inof for youre reply sorry you had to go trough all that pain must be hell when you go from Very good fitness healthy to being in a wheel chair… good to. youre a specail ops Very nice well done :slight_smile: .I readed it all evento it was long but you spent somuch time typing all that i really apriciate it I can live with my back unlike you i was able to stand out of my bed after 2-3months (lucky) i also had strong legs compared to my body weight.

maybe that was the reason my legs shake all the time they never stop and no feeling in hands and feet my legs are my weakest now. when before they were my 3x stronger then everything else . and i tried alot to get it fixed but tired of people telling me that theres nothing when you can see its fucked up. Its fucked up you know what i mean since you spent years trying find out whats wrong and me to im 21 but almost 22 and i spent Almost 4 years of my young life stressed looking for a solution my grip also got weak

i wil try get a apointment with a neurologist see if theres somthing Il like to get a reply.The worse thing for me is not the pain its the Fact that i have intense cramps can barely walk and cannot be what i wanted to be is olympic weightlifter… my legs are weak

l like to get a reply Thankyou :slight_smile: all I deleted my old acount all stupid comments

The rest Thank you as wel for reply!!

Also to people that are from the netherlands that replyd to the topic.
Yes i dont have pay 300-500 Euros each time i get a scan but what you dont understand is. they dont give the scan And for a prive clinic you have to pay 300-500 Euros for a scan or even more my Doctor told me that alot of times. Sure in netherlands you can get helped for les then that but youre doctor must Aprove and most of them think its not needed.

I wil see if neurologist can help and keep you guys / woman posted. Thank you .