Severe Ab Cramps While Working Out

Hope its appropriate to post this here.
Yesterday during my work out my abs (particular on the right side?) cramped up ridiculously bad. There was some tension for a while, but at one point it was basically unbearable.

Just wanted to know if this is a common thing? maybe due to lack of hydration, or too much water consumed during work out? if any one has any opinions or insights i’d appreciate it. It happens alot, and its usually right after deadlifts and during milit or arnold presses.

My workout (if it helps):

A1. BB Bench 1x10/8/6 @ 135/155/175
A2. BB Row 1x10/8 @ 135/155

B1. BB Deads 1x8/6/2 @ 225/225/275
(felt some ab tightening after this)

C1. Standing DB Arnold press 1x10/8/6 @35/40/45

D1. Pull ups 2x6 @BW
D2. Dips 2x8 @ BW
I would have done a third set but the right side of my abdominals just wouldnt let me.