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Several Questions Before Cycle

I am starting my cycle in two weeks.

I had two quesitons.

First I plan on taking an AI (Aromasin) dosed 12.5mg EOD. I have a lot of Aromasin just to be on the safe side.

I know that AIs should be dosed and taken based on symptoms and signs of gyno etc. So does this mean, if I feel symptoms, I should bump up the dose to either 25mg EOD or 12.5 ED, and if I don’t feel symptoms to maybe dose 25mg E3D or something to that effect? Should I take 12.5mg EOD just as a precaution.

Secondly, I plan on using 750mg test weekly for 8 weeks. I keep hearing shorter higher dosed cycles are not only more effective, but also are the easiest to recover from or at least easier to recover from than longer dosed cycles. I know it is a rule of thumb to start PCT two weeks after a test e cycle, but also thought it depended on the dosage.

I tried using the roidcalc but was lost in understanding how to use it. Would it make a big difference if I started PCT 12 days after the cycle or 14…I know the answer is probably no, but I do like to do things correctly hence the question.

Also is it reccomended to keep using the AI into my nolva PCT. I planned on stopping by the third week of PCT.

And then lastly,like I said I have extra Aromasin, just enough Nolva to cover my 4 week PCT and enough test for the 8 week cycle with some leftover. Is there anything you guys always keep on hand in case shit goes wrong, you have it to help correct a problem? That’s why I bought double the Aromasin I plan on taking.

12.5 EOD should be fine for 750mg/Week Test. Some would say that’s even a bit high. Play with the dose depending on your water retention and libido.

Come off the Aromasin before you start your Nolvadex. AIs interfere with SERMs.

If you’re super paranoid about gyno, you could use more aromasin, but it will dampen your libido and you’ll probably feel like shit. I wouldn’t recommend this.

As a random aside, use the extra test you have to frontload. There is alot of good information (including threads on this board) on how to frontload.


I’m pretty sure you taper off the AI through PCT, not before it.

AIs are for use while on cycle with aromatizing compounds. You do not need an AI during PCT, assuming you waited long enough for Test levels to fall to approximately ‘baseline’ levels before commencing PCT.