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Several Questions About My Routine!

I’ll start off with my stats so you know where I’m at experience wise etc:

Age - 20
Height - 5,10"
Weight - 252lbs
Bodyfat - 15%
Time Training - 6 Years
Currently working out at home with: Power Rack, Bench, Olympic Weight set (Barbell, EZ Bar, Dumbbells), Preacher Curl Attachment, Pull-up Bar.

The way I train is as follows (Routines are shown in the attachments):

I do routine One for 6 weeks using 6-8 reps. I then take a week off & do routine Two for 6 weeks using 6-8 reps. I then take another week off & revert back to routine One but this time I change the rep range from 6-8 to 10-12, and so on for routine Two.

I have several issues though that I’m hoping somebody can help me out with:

  • For 6 years I’ve been doing lateral/behind the back raises purely for the fact that I’ve read articles etc saying that if you DON’T do these exercises, your shoulders will be neglected. When I do these exercises it seems as if I’m just wasting my time doing them, because they seem like (to put it bluntly) sh*tty exercises that aren’t really doing much. Should these exercises stay in my routine, or will my shoulders grow from doing exercises such as Bench Press, Dips, Rows etc?

  • Currently I’m doing Legs on Friday which is at the end of the week, and whenever I do legs on Friday I feel extremely fatigued/tired even after doing just 2 exercises. Would you suggest moving legs to Wednesday or even Monday so that I’m not fatigued from my previous workouts? The only thing is, I’m worried that if I were to do this, my OTHER workouts (the ones I moved around) would then suffer as opposed to the legs workout suffering.

  • I’m also worried that I’m not currently doing ENOUGH leg work. I work out at home so I have limited equipment (as descrbed at the top of the post). I am only doing Squats, Stiff Leg Deadlifts & Calf Raises at the moment for my legs and am worried that this just isn’t enough, although what can I do seeing as I don’t have access to the majority of commercial gym equipment such as Leg press etc?

  • I’m concerned about my triceps being overworked during the week. Monday I do Chest (indirect), Wednesday I do triceps (direct) and on Friday I do Military press (indirect). This means that my triceps are getting worked 3x a week. Is this a problem? If so, would you suggest adding shoulders to either be worked alongside chest or triceps so that my triceps are only worked twice a week as opposed to 3 times?

  • Last of all (and this my seem cliche), how does my routine look as a whole?

Yes, you may be thinking “he’s been training for 6 years and still needs to ask these questions?”. Well I’ll admit I’m a massive overanalyzer, and if something’s on my mind I just need to clear it up, so that’s why I’ve asked :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, and my workouts are attached incase you are interested. I appreciate any help I can get regarding these questions.

Workout One - http://img26.picoodle.com/img/img26/4/7/13/f_WorkoutOnem_e3c48a8.jpg
Workout Two - http://img32.picoodle.com/img/img32/4/7/13/f_WorkoutTwom_f06b3af.jpg

If you dont count the ages of 14-16, and if you dont count any years you were training that wasnt deliberate and organized… then how many years training? I mean, how many years you been serious?

At 16 i could have come on here and said 2 years - but it really isnt like 2 years SERIOUS training.

Great workout BTW, very similar to the designs of many of mine.

Keep the raises, for the side and rear delt… the delt will get stimulated, but the front delt grows out of proportion to the other 2, as you have mentioned - it gets stimulated on chest and tricep day.

I wouldnt worry about that though… it is the same for many of us… make sure that your rows equal the presses, and that you work on the rear and side delt seperately… then the deltoid complex will stay/become balanced.
If pain should occur then a re-working of freq. may be in order - as happens sometimes.

Leg workouts tend to make many people fucked by exercise 2! It isnt just the fact it is on friday… IF your legs do need more work, then move them to monday, if you did chest on friday - i think you would be motivated just fine. It isnt because its Friday, its because its legs! :wink:

Try these for the legs:

Back Squat
Sumo/Power Squat
Close stance squat
Split squat
Hack squat
Romanian DL
Good mornings
DB variations?

how many sets for each exercise?

Brook, thank you very much, that’s a great help :wink:

Also, I’d say the first 2 years from 14-16 were NOT serious… They were more of an experimental stage trying to break out of the “high reps = muscle tone” and “100 reps = abs” thinking etc. From 16 I felt I knew enough to get me started on a proper routine/diet & from then on it was serious. So I’d say around 4 years.

Forbes, I’ve been doing 3 sets for each exercise, but I’m thinking of changing to something like this:

When I’m doing 10-12 reps I’ll do 3 sets, when I’m doing 6-8 reps I’ll do 4 sets. What dya think?

Bump for some more replies.

a bit late, but ya, what ur doing looks great. the more repps, the less sets, and vice versa :slight_smile:

good luck