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'Seven Deadly Sins' Lance Armstrong Book


Anybody read this about Big Lance?

I think the book is meant to stop me from liking him so much but for some reason it is having the opposite effect. I know the point of the book is that he was screwing over everyone however, his desire to win is a great quality.



I thought this'd be a thread about our favourite deadliy sins.

Lust and gluttony would be mine.


Know two people who personally met him on separate occasions and both said he's the biggest douchebag they've ever met, and one of 'em met Matthew McConaughey.


I met him. I was looking forward to it. I think any time you can pick the brain of a champion, you should take advantage of the opportunity. Ten seconds into the conversation, all I wanted to do was choke him the fuck out.


A desire to win that trumps all morality is not a good quality. If even a 10th of the accusations about lance are half true he's a piece of shit who should probably be in prison. He used lawyers to completely ruin numerous people's lives for telling the truth. Not only that, now that he has admitted that he destroyed people for telling the truth he's never even attempted to apologize. As my uncle used to say, "the cream rises to the top, but other things float too."


The thing about competitors.

It's one thing to want to win, or beat others at their best, in an even match where nobody has advantages over the other in the match.

It's another thing altogether to want to win, to the point you need to talk shit, cheat, and whatever else to get an edge and win.

If a guy trains harder, smarter, has genetic gifts, those are not the advantages I'm talking about..

I'm talking about the bullshit that's spewed about winning at all costs, fucking people over, including your own family sort of culture that seems to be praised. The sort of culture that tells you, it's about sacrifice and that time you should be spending with your son or wife should be spent training. That money you make working the side job should be spent on gear. That if you could get an edge and have a judge on your side, you should (Arnold).

It's bullshit. Compared to the people who follow the rules and otherwise put the same effort in.. Two types of winners, both don't deserve praise.


Yup ! Biggest douche on the planet.


I don't know much about him except he won a lot and got busted for doping.

From what I understand about bike racing... it's always been about cheating.. shortcuts, doping, whatever... right or wrong, it's just a part of the sport.


Thats true to an extent. Most people werent so pissed about exactly what Lance did, more so in the way he went about it, his personality in general, and all the people's lives that he ruined when they came forward with the truth.


Champions are selfish. He lied about using PEDs, so do most pro-bodybuilders?

Who cares, cry me a river.


That seems to be the general consensus. Mind sharing your story? Not that this has anything to do with the subject, but I also know a couple of people who met Dave Mustain (lead singer of Megadeth) and he's apparently the one dude on the planet who can give Armstrong a run for his "douchiest jackass of all time" title.


Agreed....there is nothing honorable or praiseworthy in his; or the accomplishments of most champions today; or those that admire them. Birds of a feather and all......


I dont have a problem with professional athletes using PEDs. I think its ridiculous to put the massive amounts of pressure on these people to exceed previous records, punish their bodies and expect them to push the envelope and then be angry when they do just that, because its not
"natural" or some other bullshit fallacy.

And certainly, hes not the only one who used PEDs. In fact wasnt the figure out of 20 riders they tested, the guy who placed 21st was the only one who was "clean"? Thats pretty telling.

That said, Lance is a piece of shit not because of PED use or lieing about PED use. He's a piece of shit because of all the other facet of his personality that have long been rumored but never openly addressed; the willful sabotage of other peoples careers, the intimidation games going beyond just competitive nature, the two faced persona, etc.

It seems to me that Armstrong is a psychopath, he has no empathy and this "turning over a new leaf" shit is just crocodile tears. I have no doubt the book is full of half-truths and such. As the saying goes if you want get yourself out of a jam, admit to something illegal, immoral or embarrassing


Just curious, what about him pissed you off?


It was my last deployment with the Army. One of my soldiers asked the guy if he wanted to run with him. He simply could have said no. Instead, he refused because "You can't keep up with me". There was more, but his arrogance was so potent you could smell it. I took shits that were more enlightening than that interaction was. All I know, is that in my short interaction with him he came off quite punch-able. There was no meet and greet going on right then. He was just on my compound. Seemed to be there for the publicity. The dude was surrounded by guys that were doing something he wouldn't have the ball to do, yet acted superior because he was gracing us with his presence. Fuck that guy.



He still beat everyone else. Did you think the rest of them were natty? Every playing field is level at the top. It's a self correcting system of individuals who will stop at nothing to win. If you beat them all, you earned it.

Not that I necessarily care about Lance's accomplishments, but I mean, I don't see how you wouldn't recognize what he did as impressive.


I see what you did there...