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Settling In on Modified Built for Bad Strength Circuits


Having been the worlds worst program hopper, which is apparently normal for my type 1a neurotype: I am honing in on something fun. Coach Thibs Built For Bad Strength Circuits have always been very intriguing to me. However , changing all those weights and doing 54321 reps has caused me to always discard it. Despite feeling like a beast when running it a few days. So i kinda tweaked things to fit my needs. I usually can only workout 4 days a week. Here it is:
I will actually alternate these two workouts and run 4 days a week
A1 Low handle Trap Bar Deads 5x3
A2 DB bench press 5x3
A3 High Pull 5x3
A4 push press 5x3
A5 Ring Chins 5x3

Workout 2
A1 Back squats 5x3 some days i may do zerchers
A2 Dips 5x3
A3 power clean 5x3
A4 push press 5x3
A5 Bent or pendley Rows depending on how lower back feels 5x3

These sets of 3 will probably be like Russian strength Skill or something like my 4-6 rep max.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


I believe you’re a 2A and…is there a question here?
And you’re doing giant sets, not B4B.


Test says im 1A or 1B . Coach Thibs thinks I’m more 1A based on test results. I do kinda identify with 2A a bit too though. And yes, just reread B4B Strength Circuits and yes its performed like giants sets. Only thing i changed was doing 5 sets of 3 after warm ups with same weight rather than 54321 rep scheme. Hit it yesterday and felt great. However, it took a lil longer than i liked and having Trap bar deads , Push presses and high pulls all in one workout definitely limited performance slightly. Feel great today and ready to hit it again! Hope to stick with it awhile. 6 weeks would be great if thats possible for me lol. No real questions , comments and critiques are appreciated though


Heres part of article below. It does look to me like all exercises are performed as giant sets . Basically 5 rounds. If i’m wrong please let me know
• Perform 1 set of each exercise per circuit.
• Rest 30 to 60 seconds between exercises.
• Change weights between circuits in 2 minutes.
• Add 5 lb to exercises each new week.


B4B is built around ascending weights and descending reps.
I have no problem with exercise selection.


Exactly, i just couldnt deal with all the weight changes in my home gym though. So i decided to do more straight sets after warm ups. After two days of this my lower back already feels a bit taxed. I’ll be 49 next month. May need to tweak program and do a few more lower back friendly exercises.


I kinda like this setup. My mind jumped right to switching up the reps for both workouts the second time around. Having a strength day and a hypertrophy day. 5x3, 3x6-8 could work?


Sounds good, i’m tweaking it now. maybe 2 days 5x3 and 2 days 3x6-8


Might be less boring and not always quite as heavy so your cns won’t get fried. I could be wrong but it’s worth trying and finding out if it works for you.


Have y’all looked at Built For Battle? Similar but lower intensity.