Setting up Your own Commercial Gym?

The gym I train at for PL is set up in a similar fashion, minus the potential discrimination. 2 squat racks, 1 incline and 1 flat bench, sled, prowler, ropes & rings and an assortment of dumb bells, plates and bumper plates. There is very limited “open” time where anyone can walk in and train, most of the time is appointment only in private or semi private sessions.

They specialize in strength and have a few times per week the gym is open to all who want to participate in strength sports. They are doing well business wise and the clients get individual attention, plus the schedule is so much easier than a commercial gym that is open all the time.

The start-up cost is minimal compare to a gym with all the toys. If I ever run into some cash, this is what I’d love to do.

Some gyms do get worldwide attention though and get a reputation, and once they have this then the type of people who they want, start coming in. Take Westside Barbell or Gold’s Gym in california for example. I’ve heard of bodybuilders/powerlifters moving states to be near these gyms.

But like Rainjack said, the best profit will come from those who pay for a full year and turn up for a month. Its stupid not to.

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You want the pink padded dumbell segment.

Those are the stupid motherfuckers who will pay for a one year membership up front every January as a part of their “New Year Resolution” - then never show up after February.

You NEED that kind of free money. It will more than likely be your entire profit margin.

Make the gym rules YOUR rules, but know that catering to a very small minority of the public will not pay for very much.

Speaking of which. How much are you going to charge a year?

No idea.

This is all in the head stuff at the minute, but:

Most gyms here charge about £30-40 a month, some charging something like £200 for the year (special January packages).

~Id probably look at something like £45-60 a month for just using the facility… and something like £20 per person for a 1 hour session… with the price being less if you train in a group or take out a lot of sessions.

also another idea is to “pay” for a physique clinic very similiar to what happens on here. all the training, nutrition and supps sorted for you with most sessions being taken by a PT. 12 weeks. no idea what id charge for that thou…


This is a terrible idea.
For one you won’t have something the average gym goer expects: machines.
My idea was to charge less. A few squat/power racks and barbells+dumbells+weights+kettlebells will run you a lot less than one squat rack a few machines and barbell+dumbells.
The point is more with less.
That being said, you ll be able to have more since you wont be wasting money on machines (i hope).
Also if you charge less, people will be more inclined to come to your gym.

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i was just thinking the same thing. it would be nice to have a gym that’s not full of pussies.

but, i was thinking, instead of telling newbs they can’t join, make them not want to. make the gym look intimidating to someone that doesn’t fit in. i mean:

  • no shitty machines like a bench machine and things like that that have a good freeweight counterpart

  • play metal music, not pop. stuff you can lift to

  • maybe as a requirement to join they have to enter some kind of in-house competition. like, the biggest loser or a powerlifting meet held in the gym for members only.

  • hang up pics of bodybuilders or strongman competitors instead of fitness model pretty boys spreading the ghey

    basically give it a go hard or go home atmosphere. semi-annual competitions will force people to be serious or leave to avoid embarrassment. a lack of sissy equipment will intimidate sissies and they won’t want to join.

    what i’m saying is let the wastes of time and new years resolutioners weed themselves out instead of giving your gym a bad image by telling them they’re not welcome.

that was the intial plan anyway. loud pumped up music. Chalk stands, no ghey rules like " no dropping weights" etc etc. shouting and grunting is encouraged etc.

was chatting to friend about half an hour ago and he said my original idea may be semi illegal as it is discrimatory. so id just have to hope wankers didnt join.

it very well may be illegal now that i think about it.

one big thing i’d say if you want serious lifters is to have bumper plates and platforms. so many gyms don’t even allow deadlifting let alone olympic lifts. that’s one thing that really grinds my gears.

i was thinking, for my gym, having an indoor track and shotput and discus throwing areas (netted off of course). i don’t know how much you know about throwing, but there is literally no way to train over the offseason besides throwing in your backyard. i think serious throwers would flock to a place that had this setup.
HELLS YES, schools are closed during summers so many serious student throwers or jokers would join to throw once or twice or all the time, circles and shots and discs are very expensive so couple that with a good gym and many people would love it

also look up bay state gym its a good example of a gym that caters to strong ppl but gets good buiseness because of location

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I blieve the way to the gold bag for this idea is through young athletes.

When i started training i knew nothing, i did the usual 3x10 circuit of the machines with some curls and thought that would make me better at rugby, 4 years down the road and ive learnt some stuff that i really really really wish i knew back then. i simply didnt know becasue there was no where for me to go. And when my parents actually had money i believe they would have sent me somewhere like the gym im thinking about.

Also i would try to get contracts set up sports teams in the area to educate and train their athletes.

The whole idea would be a side project. I wouldnt be trying to live of it entirly at the start.

And i know my description of my “ideal” gym makes it sound intimadating etc. but it would also be friendly. I know this is hard to explain. but i train in glasgow in a commercial gym, but there are about 10 powerlifters that train monday,wed and friday. they train hard, they scream, grunt, smash weights about the place, chalk everywhere… but they will still lend time and advice to anybody in the gym who asks for it. there really nice guys and i always try to get in and train when there there, simply for the atmosphere. thats pretty much what id try to capture for this gym.

I would defo be having an indoor track, hadnt thought about indoor throwing. Why cant you throw outside in the off season?

you can but shots/discs are pretty expensive. it’s hard to find someplace big enough for discus, especially if you live in an urban type area. the only places that have circles are schools and they’ll never let you use them because of insurace.

here’s a video with the net at about 1:15 in:

looks like they just put a net down over a platform but i’d say get a little concrete circle or even just a circle painted on the floor