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Setting Up WS4SB


How do u set up one of these?

also, how long should someone stick with a lifting program?


Oh dear


good answer i think ill try that


and is WS4SB worth doing if your done with sports?


Westside for Skinny Bastards is not a program, it is a template. There is a big difference. I think a beginner/intermediate should stick to w4sb for 1-2 years, but that depends on their progress. During that time, you would educate yourself on the ins and outs of the template along with the ins and outs of the traditional westside template. Also, you will continuously reevaluate your progress and alter the program to suit your needs at the time. You would find out during your time on the program how each change affects you and after you are done, you could just do the things that work for you and discard the things that don't.

Read the W4SB 3 article on Elitefts to find the exact template for your goals.


Have a look at the following thread, it has a fair bit of info on the program and has links to all the WSFSB articles in the first post.