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Setting Up Weekday Training

Trying to fit in time to go to the gym during the weekday isn’t going to work for my schedule, so I will reserve that for the weekend (deadlift/squat/bench on saturday or sunday) and focus on kettlebell and bodyweight movements during the weekday. I want to ask for opinions on the below weekday training schedule:


  • one day kb press ladders heavy
  • one day dips x 50-100
  • one day kb press ladders light and push-ups x 50


  • one day kroc rows 1x10, 1x20+
  • one day pull-ups/band pull aparts x 50-100
  • one day pull-ups/curls x 50-100


  • 2 days 1 arm kb swings 10x10
  • 1 day goblet squats/v-ups

The goal is to improve strength. I’ll be eating to support strength growth as well as slow hypertrophy. thanks.