Setting Up Week Day Training Plan with Limited Time

During the week day I have limited time to train, no more than 30 minutes in a day generally, so I was thinking of the following set-up

  • two days early morning run
  • two lifting sessions at home of less than 30 minutes using low volume (e.g. 2 x 5 or 3 x 5 with ramping weights to top set) using no more than two exercises, using press or floor press and trap bar deadlift or front squat
  • 100-150 total reps of push-ups and pull-ups/rows spread through the week
    (e.g. 25 push-ups when I wake up, 20 at night, etc)

Saturday will be normal training day in the gym, squats or deadlift and bench press for more volume, with assistance and conditioning. Sunday will be long slow run or hill sprints at local park.

My goals before I’m 32 (next may):
press bodyweight (about 175-180 lbs), currently ~125 lbs
deadlift 2x bodyweight, currently ~265 lbs
run 1 mile <7:00, currently ~8 minutes

You might find this article useful.

Great idea. I’ve heard of this program before but forgot about it.

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