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Setting Up the Second Pull

I’m one helluva lanky dude, so I have quite a length of pull when doing snatches. The problem is, I rely too much on my first pull to build up velocity, rather than just using it to set up the second pull. I’ve heard a few different things, but I was looking for a few more suggestions.

Also, one more problem… Does anyone have a problem with stopping? Like, I go in planning on a 4-6 sets, and end up going 10*3.

What has helped me was to see myself lifting like a Ukrainian lifter, Dennis Gotftried. This guy has the most explosive second pull I’ve ever seen. He was the winner of the 105kg category in the '99 world championships, the tape of which I think is available from ironmind. Practice, practice, practice.

I had a buddy tell me to pull to the knees at a standard deadlift speed and when you get it up just above the knees try to jump straight up.

Now I haven’t tried it yet but you could let me know how it goes.

Getting a coach helped me with both of these problems.

Getting oly shoes helped with the former, too.

I don’t know that pulling fast from the floor is necessarily wrong. The Bulgarians like to rip the bar from the floor; the Russians use a slower second pull. Do your lifts from the hang - by eliminating the first pull entirely, you can’t rely on it.

I know what you mean about not wanting to stop. The lifts are so much fun you just want to keep going. There’s no “cure” for this other than finishing your workout with something like Javorek’s Barbell Complex #1. Just run a Google search on Istvan Javorek and you will find it. Do “The #1” and you’ll be so tired you won’t want to lift any more for that day. Guaranteed. It also provides good assistance work for the O lifts.

Thing is, I only do oly lifts once a week, so I just want to keep going.

As for the pulling from a hang or pulling from knees, thats what I have heard.

The problem I have is that I end up relying on my first pull, as I have an underdeveloped first pull.
I have a friend back home that has most of the ironmind vids. I’ll see what I can do.

I’ll try doing my first pull like a deadlift and see if that helps, though the weight will be lighter.
If im not feeling that, ill pull from a hang.

Yeah I don’t think pulling fast from the floor is bad either, I’ve found that it helped me to see a lifter who can rip the bar like lightning from the hips to overhead or from the hips to the rack, and try to duplicate that speed myself. Lifting fast from the floor doesn’t impede this as long as your focus is correct.

I rely a good deal on my first pull from the floor. I don’t think it’s a problem either, provided focus is right. Granted, I’m not an Oly style competitor, but I love the snatch. I believe that I read in Arthur Dreschler’s “Weightlifting Encyclopedia” that it is somewhat of an individual matter. Some lifters do and some don’t.

Besides, for myself, I’ve found that most of my PR’s happen when I pull quick from the floor. It feels better and easier. When I’ve tried to work on perfecting that 2nd pull, my weights don’t move.

Artie was describing what the most successful lifters to that point did, not necessarily what was optimal. He made that point many times in his book.

The first pull shouldn’t be done as fast as possible (as in a speed deadlift, for instance), but should be done as fast as possible while setting up the second pull optimally. If that means pulling damn fast for you, do it. If it means having to slow down a bit, do that.