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Setting Up Rogue Shorty Bands for Bench

I just ordered a pair of rogue shorty bands and my question is what would be the best approach to setting these up for bench? I have regular monster mini bands that I just wrap around the bottom of the pegs in the power rack because they’re long enough but what should I do with the shorty ones do I have to wrap them up higher?

If you can’t hook them on the pegs then they are too short to be any use.

If they’re the ones I’m thinking then yeah they’re very short and will be hard to use without pegs.

You could use to heavy dumbbells as pegs.

There’s band pegs in the rack already at the bottom but the bands won’t stretch that much obviously. I’m just trying to figure out how I can do it another way then

My friend ordered these for me as a gift but the wrong ones on accident but after reading you can still use them for bench on the rogue site thought they still might work for bench but dont see how. The blue ones are monster minis and I wrap those around the pegs at the bottom on to the bar

Can you slide the saftey pins from the rack through the bands, then put the bands over the bar?

Yeah that’s what I was thinking might be the only way

It might be Mondo tension compared to the way you set up before, be careful.

I’d probably do a reverse setup but instead of wrapping them around the bar and onto pegs, I’d stretch the band’s horizontally across the rack so you get like a trampoline for the bar.

Use them for floor presses

This reminds me of the scene from Westside vs the world, where their talking about figuring out bands. “oww… he got obliterated, better back the band tension down…” :sweat_smile: