Setting Up Program

I have been following CT’s training suggestions regarding rep ranges, set up, and auxilary exercises in between upper body performance days. Though, I have made good progress my lifts on upper body days or too close to start from the last weight used on the last exercise.

Push Press: Max 175 3 lbs reps
Incline DB: Max 80 3 lbs reps
Flat db: Max 85-90 lbs 3 reps
I perform DB shrugs, Face Pulls, and Machine fly’s in between.

How should I best set up these days?

I stick to DB because it feels better on my shoulders and I feel it more in my chest.
Also on the auxilary exercises should I ramp the weight or just do a warm up set and then pick a weight?


I use progressive ramping for my upper pressing days as well. I think one step would be to change push presses to DB SH Presses, to have better carry over.

Why can’t you use a different ramping set up. Example

DB SH PR ramp to 65(?)x3
INC DB PR ramp to 65x3,75x3,80x3
DB CH PR 80x3,85x3,90x3,80x3,90x3 or something to add in volume on performance pressing?

IMO, you can ramp weight or stay static for the assistant movements. Still interested to see what CT says though.

not sure if i read it right but did is your problem that your lifts are too close together? if so the CT suggests micro ramping so instead of doing finishing your shoulder press at 80 and finishing your incline at 90 with only 3 sets for it, then use smaller wt increments

so instead of:

shoulder press finishing at 80
incline 80, 85, 90

you’ll do;

shoulder press finishing at 90
incline 80, 82.5, 85, 87.5, 90

so you still get some vol in

you could also do 80, 85, 90, 80, 85, 90 to get 6 sets bit i think Cy likes the mini ramps best, well i do