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Setting Up My Training


I have been lifting consistently for about 1.5 yrs, went from 135-180 at about 10-12% BF. I now want to cut down to 6-8% depends on how I look.

Originally I was on a 3 day split push/pull/legs/rest/repeat. I was planning on following something similar less volume high frequency but, I will be starting winter session(college) soon and do to taking max credits at my college as well as a community college (want to graduate this spring) I will not be able to hit the gym as often as I would like. However I am positive I can make it atleast 3x a week and can throw in some BW stuff if necessary. What these restrictions what would be the best/ideal approach to reaching my goals??

Nutrition wise I will be following recommendations by John Romaniello as I feel hitting the smart fast approach is best for me.